British Forces at War: As Witnessed by an American

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chief_Joseph, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. See also the 28 [so far] posts on the Int forum...

  2. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  3. Interestingly, it seems as if the Chubb creature, or her mate the Mad Witch of W*rthing has been at the comments on that site .....
  4. Now which of our posters is Kevin Knodell??

    I know who MY moneys on

  5. "Just last week a formidable Challenger tank was destroyed by an explosion that also cost the driver his legs."

    Is this true - did we lose a Chally 2?
  6. I've only just came across this blokes work from reading this thread, are we sure he's a Yank? He sounds almost British with his common sense!

    Good work fella
  7. It was edited from it's original form however (references to the NAAFI bar's content were deemed a bit much :wink: )

    Also, an editor mistakenly believed that when I was talking about Goatman, I was talking about a Moderator. As a result, he was listed as one in the article.
  8. How much did we pay him to say that:)
  9. Just read that and nearly had a tear in my eye :)

    Nice to see a Spam that gets us, although I bet he drives a Ram and his favourite expression is "super size me" :)

    I know lots of Spams and on the whole, they are good blokes, it's just when the "whole" becomes the US of A that they go wrong ;)

    Except Corporal and Ctauch, obviously, who are a pair of full time cnuts
  10. Yon is one of my favorite war reporters. He has written a book Danger Close and is a former SF soldier. When he was an embed with with a stryker unit he put down his camera and picked up an M4. The story below.