British Forces Are Terroists In Iraq?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armies, Jul 6, 2007.

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  1. Was watching Question Time last night, one of the subjects that came up was the group Hamas- basically a terroist group. The people that condone the killing of the Nazis in the 1940s.

    A women in the audience made a comment along the lines of how basically the British forces in Iraq are terroists, by killing many Iraqi civilians, so how can we call hamas terroists, when British troops are doing the same.

    She then started saying it was an illegal war and got angry, looked like she was going to cry.

    Now the thing that angered me the most, was the fact she was a white British female, calling us terroists for killing Iraqi civilians...WHF, is wrong with some of these people?

    She was an ugly bint aswell, maybe shed been turned down a shag by too many servicemen.
  2. Same shoite different year, the majority of Iraqi's killed in Iraq are killed by other Iraqi"s just like the majority of catholics killed in Northern Ireland were done so by the IRA. These hand wringers never let facts get in the way of a political point. Did anyone point out that car, Ied and suicide bombing are not part of our RoE.
  3. I think the majority of the public see the war as an illegal war, and with that your gonna go one way or the other:

    1. Your gonna blame Bliar/Broon, but feel sorry for the troops, support them fully and want them home, cos you know they are only doing what they've been told.
    2. Your gonna blame Bliar/Broon/Troops for it all, stick them all in the same box assuming all troops chose to go to war and they're enjoying it.

    The majority of the public (including myself before my partner joined) were very uneducated on the forces. People just dont know or understand what you go through.

    Terrorists dont play by the rules, unfortunatly British soldiers have to.
  4. We are in a foreign country - you would see a foreign army in England/scotland/wales/ireland as an aggressive terror force, wouldn't you? And I for one would be fighting them...... that scares me a bit as I can see their point to an extent!
  5. Hopefully not, becaause that would make me a stupid tool of the jihadists. A better question to ask is why the Iraqis see us an agressive terror force, when 2 non-muslim nations we trashed completely, then occupied for years (in one case after nuking 2 of their cities), both came to see us as a chance to part with the past, and became economic power houses.

    Germany - Christian - no lunatic reaction.

    Japan - Shintoist/other - no lunatic reaction.

    Iraq: ah - er, well, it's all our fault, isn't it? No it isn't.
  6. Stars and stripes, published the other day announced that isaf forces this year have killed 341 civilians the Taliban have killed 279,you can see where these people get their idea's from.Reading that statement has to get you questioning our credability in the eye's of the civilian world.
  7. Germany- Defeated and scared sh*tless of the Russians arriving.

    Japan - Made to glow in the dark and humiliated. They started it too.

    No comparison.

    Iraq - Nation of proud Arabs, possibly the most intelligent Arabic nation per capita thanks to Saddam's free education programmes. Ritually humiliated by not being fully involved in the rebuilding of their own country, unlike Japan and Germany. Watching life deteriorate under the 'liberation' , busy blaming us for breaking it and not mending it.

    Especially as the "free and democratically elected government" are busy playing both ends against the middle , while the corrupt and self serving individuals within, line their own nests politically and financially.

    Which is why we had Military occupation governments in both cases, not try to rush through democracy and empower the most corrupt vultures we could find to buy oil from.
  8. You can't really cite Germany and Japan as examples because they probably felt the same way as the Iraqis do at the time. 60 years on is a completely different situation.
  9. botfeckid...

    Iraq was a sovereign country when invaded. SH may have been an evil and cruel dictator but the reason, the legality of going to war is in deep question.

    The USA and Britain made the UN look useless and inefective - and in a nutshell the UN is a farce now and not to be taken seriously.

    One thing is far and completely different compared to our, western, way of perception. You look at a map and see countries, borders and perimeters. Arabs do not look at it that way. The arabian people (note, no nationality) see an arab nation, their home invaded and feel the urge to protect their home.

    Like I said before, if I saw an armed force in my country, imposing laws upon me to which I cannot agree or disagree and a puppet government in place I would be on the streets. This makes the statement true that the Iraqis (or all arabs) see the coalition as an invader and the memory of Richard the Lionheart galloping around those parts is far more relevant in arab history and doctrine.

    This is my (educated) opinion. It's ok for you to disagree.... just think before you wizz off a shallow comment as an answer inbetween your toast and tea!
  10. Spot on PTP
    Best summary I have seen so far
  11. My bold, just after the war I was watching a programme about bidding foir the rebuilding, qquite alot of local companies and also as you'd expect a smattering of American companies. Give the locals the work, raise employment. working for themselves everyon happy thinks I. Alas contracts given to the septics which causes conternation(!?!) to locals. Obvious to a blind man that this was not the best course of action.
  12. After the war, the americans ensured that the rebuilding contracts were aimed at coalition partner owned and based companies. It reaked of Kennedy's death with the Vietnam war going into a war which increased the US [war] industry.

    The amount of distasteful jokes, actions and an utter disrespect for traditions by US troops (as can be seen on youtube etc...) in country does not make a 'hearts and minds' tactics worthwhile - it is more like burn 'em down...
  13. And brit troops on youtube don't make distasteful jokes and have total respect for the locals,get real.
  14. Agreed, and if you add that certainly in Germany post surrender the Cotrol Commision was very quick to restore civil order and authority disarming the population and providing effective administration, compared to the complete lack of such action in Iraq giving those who wished to assume power without a democratic mandate the opportunity to arm and organise, todays chaos is not that surprising. Most of the armed groups just want the coalition out so they can get on with the key task of taking power and disposing of their opponents
  15. easymoney - I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, will you drool into your corn flakes.... my comments, aimed at the hearts and minds tool which is implemented via US command!!

    I made no reference to British troops as it didn't aid the point I was making and would have served no purpose!

    I am sure the Poles made rude and ..... but who the fock speaks Polish?