British football fans not supporting the Poppy Appeal

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 2hammers, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. This is a quote that I thought might be of interest on this forum.
    There is also a planned protest this weekend by Celtic fans against the Imperialist simbol that is the Poppy!
    From todays Express.


    It's insensitive of the SPL teams to wear poppies on their strips for this weekends matches
    As a Celtic fan of Irish descent I find it offensive. The British Army brutilised the Irish during the Troubles. Will there be a day for victims of the British Army

    Brenda McKillop
  2. Is this more what you meant 2hammers?
  3. yesh mate am new to this cheers
  4. There was noise about celtic doing the same as what rangers done but not letting the soldiers wear uniform! Dont know what happened to that idea though
  5. Celtic have invited 20 squaddies to celtic park this weekend, they can go on the park but are not allowed to wear uniform for fear of offending the Celtic fans !!!
  6. Who cares? Bunch of fenian cnuts that have never wore the poppy anyway, even though they are too stupid to realise that statistically at least one of their relatives was killed in the Great War/WW2 fighting tyranny on the side of the British

    Fcuk em. I personally will remember their fallen, even though they are too fcuking stupid to do so.
  7. agreed. I'm of Irish decent and a 'fenian', but i certainly don't find it offensive. If anything, I find it insulting that there are mongs out there that think like that. they're too quick in remembering what happend in N.I. and even quicker in forgetting what happend before. At least the Gers were proud to have our troops on the pitch WITH uniform. Fcuk religion when it comes to honouring our fallen in the past, present and sadly those in the future.
  8. Amen
  9. Happen, I knock off a wee fenian. Was at her house t'other evening and did notice the poppy on the mantlepiece.

    "For Granda", she said. "Can't wear it though, they'd do my windows"

    Did I mention she's gorgeous?
  10. Well said MUGGLE glad to see at least one of "you's" has sense
  11. i'll always wear my poppy with pride
  12. I was at the game on saturday and the fans started siging " Soldiers, soldiers gies the sash" i nearly pissed myself laughin!
  13. I will willingly pass a memorial tear for the German dead of both World Wars, but I wouldn't p iss on the burning graves of the IRA scum that died in their 'cause'. Cowardly scum to the last!

  14. wouldn't spit either!
  15. Ferry Timetable

    to Ms. Brenda McKillop,

    Check out the link - there is one leaving before the match saturday.

    Now Fück Off!