British Firms sold phantom armoured vehicles

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hansvonhealing, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. British firms face fraud allegations over 'phantom' armoured vehicles

    Questions over deal in which company was paid nearly £3m for order that was never delivered

    Nick Fielding and Ian Cobain
    Tuesday March 20, 2007
    The Guardian

    Three British companies are facing accusations that they engaged in large-scale fraud in Iraq after it emerged they were paid for "phantom" armoured vehicles destined to protect Iraqi government employees. The vehicles were never delivered, but the companies were paid anyway.
    One company, headed by a former deputy assistant commissioner at Scotland Yard and a colourful ex-army officer, received $5.7m (£2.93m), even though the vehicles never left the factory in Russia where they were due to be manufactured.

    Article continues -,,2038098,00.html
  2. $5.7M. Small change from back of sofa when compared to some of the American rip offs I suspect.
  3. Sure but being Brits and not being politically connected they are expendable.
  4. Hey my man! Thats no excuse, especially coming from some one called old REDCAP. Is age leaving you jaded sir?
    On a more serious note the widespread fraud and corruption did not go unnoticed by the Iraqis and the belief that coalition forces were there to rip off Iraq is one of the many things that has fueled the insurgency.
    Absolute probity, honesty and transparency were required from the off if Iraq was genuinely meant to be lead towards the sunny uplands of civil democracy and life by the Rule of Law.
  5. Absolutely bang on. In my simple old fashioned terms you're advocating adopting a moral superiority. That's difficult to do - given that the initial premise for 'regime change' was based on a series of falsehoods. But despite that, it's clear that what some regard as 'pragmatism' has destroyed any vestiges of integrity.

    The sight of literally tons of US Dollars being shovelled out to virtual criminals with no proper accounting, not even signatures for receipt, must have completely ruined any chance of ordinary Iraqis understanding what this whole thing is about. Then, as you say, the invasion of Iraq by civilian contractors - notably Halliburton and other friends of Cheney and the like - would have merely confirmed their worst fears. Many Iraqis see this 'war' as being an American led Crusade to plunder their homeland.

    For all the platitudes about 'rebuilding' the infrastructure - after it had been destroyed by military action - and 'things getting better'. Many Iraqis regard this as nonsense, and the infrastructure rebuilding as merely a means of acquisition of their national and regional assets by western powers or their agents.

    Under those circumstances it's hardly surprising that 'resistance' is taking place.
  7. The Iraq Government Employees would have only done the same thing once they got hold of them - they're only peed off that someone ripped them off first!
  8. That sir is the most appallingly sloppy attitude to take. Were we not sold on the idea that our mission was amongst other things meant to get a law abiding Democracy up and running?
    If we couldn't do that we shouldn't have invaded.
    I know it might be a little strange to mention the medical professions Hippocratic Oath but in this instance it applies to the after war occupation.
    The principle 'Do no Harm' should have been upper most in our minds or the surgical operation should not have been performed to begin with.
  9. Law abiding Democracy? Invaded? I signed the line and will do my time. Democracy is an ideal, one that can appear in many forms. I don't think there was an attempt to instill an idea that even we can't make happen in our own countries. The mission was to remove Saddam - we did that, just like Op Granby was to kick Iraqi invadors out of Kuwait - we did that too. I agree that the governments have made a colpete Horlicks of the aftermath, they failed to realise that with Democracy/Capitalism comes all the other baggage like corruption and deceit - just like in the UK. I believe that the small percentage of Iraqi people who find themselves now having a bit of power, are doing exactly what the Bathe Party reps were doing before, the only difference is that they are going to get screwed over quicker - but that's business and they will learn.

    I wouldn't call it a sloppy attitude - maybe a very generalised one, but I try to keep an open mind.
  10. Beam remove from own eyes comes to mind Mr Moosaca.
    Only slightly tangential to the thread but puts into a larger context the issue of this firms alledged fraud. Read this from a couple of years ago as to how things were being run under occupation by Paul Bremmer. Who co incidently was a CEO of a division of a firm called Marsh & McLennan whose offices were hit by the jet that hit the N. Tower!!!
  11. Bremer was/is a remarkably dangerous individual, both because of the colossal wealth and power he wielded on behalf of the USA and because of his own cretinous failure to understand anything of the Iraq situation.

    Rather like handing over an AK47 to a gibbon sitting in a bank, really.
  12. And sacking the bank security staff shortly before doing so.
  13. Right, I'm going on Dragons Den with that one.

    "I'll get the US govenment to give me a huge contract and then not do anything. They will still pay me so than I can get HMG to give me a bigger contract, safe in the knowledge that before I have to diliver there will be so many changes to what they asked I'll just give them some painted cardboard and go on holiday. Who's with me?"
  14. Bank security staff what are they?
    On whose authority do you suppose Iraq's money from the food for oil program held in New York banks was released by the cash loaded pallet, flown to Iraq and then disappeared into thin air?
  15. While commondreams appears legitimate, your source on the Marsh & McLennan story comes from an anti-semite white supremcist, Christopher Bollyn. Careful of your sources there SLuRboy.