British Falklands victory unacceptable

Discussion in 'Falkland Islands (Op CORPORATE)' started by hansvonhealing, Jun 16, 2007.

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  1. icWales
    British Falklands victory 'unacceptable'
    Jun 15 2007

    Argentinian president Nestor Kirchner has declared Britain's triumph in the Falkland Islands war a temporary “colonial victory,” and criticised former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher for rejoicing in Argentina's defeat.

    Mrs Thatcher, who dispatched a naval task force to the South Atlantic to retake the archipelago occupied by Argentina in April 1982, used a radio speech marking Argentina’s June 14, 1982 surrender to praise her nation's military.

    “The whole nation rejoiced at the success; and we should still rejoice,” Thatcher said on the British Forces Broadcasting Service.

    “Aggression was defeated and reversed. The wishes of local people were upheld as paramount. Britain's honour and interests prevailed.”

    Kirchner, in statements carried last night by Argentinian news agency Diarios y Noticias, said “the islands are Argentine” and the British triumph “was a colonial victory, really unacceptable in the eyes of the world.”

    Many Argentines – especially supporters of Kirchner’s centre-left government - see Argentina's 1982 invasion of the islands as a mistake by the nation’s now-discredited former military dictators. The 73-day war claimed 649 Argentine lives and 255 on the British side.

    But Argentines almost universally call the islands their own, insisting the British seized them by force in 1833. Kirchner ardently reinvoked that sovereignty claim last night, saying the archipelago would one day be returned by peaceful means.

    “I would like to say to Mrs. Thatcher that she may have won the battle because she belongs to a world power, but she never defeated us through the force of reason or justice,” Kirchner said on the sidelines of an event opening a sports complex.

    He said Las Malvinas – as Argentines call the islands – “are Argentine, and by way of peace will again be Argentina's.”

    Unlike in Britain, no large-scale ceremonies were held there recalling the date.
  3. Fcuk him and his basket case Country, the City of London actively assisted in the collapse of their economy and I am sure the City boys will continue to keep it on the ropes.
  4. What part of "fcuk off you dago cnut" is he having difficulty understanding?
  5. Some observations :

    a) 25 years is a little more than temporary. I feel that having Argentinians on the island for a couple of months is more like 'temporary' ownership

    b) I don't recall the rest of the world screaming for the Argies to keep the islands (?? but I could be wrong) Certainly not the americans who gave us intel, the French who gave us the codes to the exocets, the Chileans who let us use their sovereign turf etc etc

    c) "but she never defeated us through the force of reason or justice,” nor you us Mr Kirchner. Nor could the Junta through brute force.

    d) "Unlike in Britain, no large-scale ceremonies were held there recalling the date." really??? I wonder why :)

    Now... do us all a very big favour... and Foxtrot Oscar.
  6. it was a very close run war and could easily have been avoided had the politicians had their eye on the ball.

    sinc ethey have unilaterally withdrawn from the Oil deal, which they should have no part of anyway, we can make the Falkland an economic powerhouse of the southwest, we should just ship it to Falkland or Chile and have it processed and distributed and watch the money come rolling in.
  7. And you think that's a good thing do you?
    Such types of action fuels the discontent that leads to future wars.
    And you think that's a good thing do you?
  8. Sore losers.
    Their colonial claim to own the islands is no more legitimate than us trying to stake a new colonial claim on india, today. Just because they had it once, doesn't mean they do now.
  9. Yes I do actually, I am more of a Darwinist when it comes to International relations - for example the Argies SHOULD be grateful for their defeat in the Falklands as it led to the collapse of their Nazi Junta, but no they ignore their own fiscal incompetence and mismanagement and try to claim a distant Island that was never theirs in the first place.

    They lost, they continued to lose, their future is providing raw materials for China and footballers and hot women for export to Europe. They should be grateful for their position in the World so much better than many.

    It is their right to try and upgrade their position by military action, but if they lose again they will have to suffer the consequences.

    You may live in rainbow coloured global village but I don't.
  10. Back on thread....

    I've been waiting for this and no doubt our glorious BBC will give these opinions the airtime they don't deserve.

    Just like that ginger c0ck Witchell who the other night, when reporting, included the statement "we must not forget the Argentines who lost their lives "DEFENDING" the Falklands"

    I have no problem with correct remembrance of fallen soldiers, but the term DEFENDING?!? :pissedoff:

    Like the Germans "defended " France in 1944?

    Fecking BBC :pissedoff:
  11. A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of meeting an Argentinian lady - in her 60's and her mother- a very lucid 90 year old

    They were in Argentina at the time of the war and they don't remember (she was 40 her mum was 67 at the time) that Joe Public gave a lot of support for the fighting -

    The view/memory that Liz and Mum had was that it was all about politics /spin and deception!

    The Junta of the time was going under and used the issue to bolster its' standing.

    Didn't work did it?
  12. Agreed, like in most dictatorships .......

    and what of their current politicians still harping on about "colonial wars" without accepting the facts about who started it and who in their country suffered as a result.

    It seems some official opinions have not developed much since then.
  13. Personally I find Argentinian pretensions about the Falklands 'unacceptable'. Clearly El Presidente has yet to grasp the gist of the comments on this list. Perhaps someone can render them into Spanish.
  14. Argentinia should be an economic powerhouse why it it isn't is a bit of a mystery
    maybe we should colonize them sort them out I vote tony as governer general well it would put him 8000 miles from here :twisted: