british empire my ass

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sa80headshot, Mar 28, 2011.

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  1. it ended after the second world war,and its never coming back,britain has been in decline since then and it dosent seem to be getting any better,seriously why on earth do most of you continue to live here?
  2. Never mind the British Empire... the sun never sets on your arse, you fat shit
  3. the sun set on the british empire at approxiamtly 4:43 pm on 21st february 1944
  4. You're nineteen, you don't like the UK and if the views of people on here is in anyway a reflection of the general population it doesn't like you either, so why haven't you left yet?
  5. To be honest im quite happy with my relative high standard of living thanks
  6. oh im not stupid,i know that this sites views dont reflect the general populace,i will leave as soon as i can,anyway why are you getting so upset its not as if you didnt have it coming any,thieving bastards
  7. I'm in no way upset, was asking a simple question that why if you loath this country with such a passion you've not fucked off somewhere else? Have you even started the process to get your visa application laughed off by the Yanks.
  8. Ahh its been a momentous tea spurting occasion but I have to dash. Will have to write a formal complaint to the NHS mind, SA80numptyball's handlers really need to sedate him before releasing him into the genral populace or whenever he has the oppertunity do do so via the tinterweb.
  9. You could leave life now, by applying your username to yourself and doing us all a favour.
  10. OR you could apply that sentence to yourself hmm?
  11. hahaha as if they would laugh it off,and yanks is a stupid word to use,how would you like it if i called you a slaver? is that why you voted for bnp fuckhat?
  12. so once again you assume that because someone has a differing opinion they must be some lunatic in a straight jacket,get out
  13. Why the fuck would you call me slaver you daft wankstain? You do realise that there were four million more slaves in the US than in Britain when their civil war kicked off, in that we'd outlawed decades before they had to fight the worse war in their history to bin it? And knowing several Americans I know they could give two shits about being called Yanks in the same manner I've no problem being called a Limey. I probably would vote BNP if they were as keen as the Nazis on gassing spastics like you.
  14. but theres no such thing as a limey
  15. Empires come and Empires go. The British Empire has indeed gone. I think Im old enough (just) to remember its funeral. Aden, Singapore, Malta, Hong Kong, and a few other left over bits. Before your time lad, long before your time.

    They all came out of the Empire better than they went in, so it was worthwhile - even if its not been appreciated yet.

    We are now witnessing the death of the American Empire - hastened along by twats like Obama.

    Next will come the Chinese empire. Now if the unwashed natives of the world thought the British wern't nice to deal with, wait till they meet General One Hung Low and his men.....