British Empire Medal returns.

Discussion in 'Medals' started by RP578, Oct 29, 2011.

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  1. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Described by the Beeb as the 'local heroes medal'. I wonder how they are going to rank this now as to who will get the MBE and who gets the BEM. Different criteria or different ranks (as previously), or indeed if it will be awarded in the Military Division.

    BBC News - British Empire Medal to return says David Cameron
  2. Interesting - but totally ridiculous! Where is the logic on this? If too few MBEs are awarded as the PM says, rather than bring back in the medal that represented the 5th (lowest) tier of the Order, why not simply increase the number of MBEs?
  3. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    You'd think wouldn't you?
  4. They tried that, referring to it in paperwork as the MBE (e) , ie an MBE for what would have been a BEM.

    The trouble is those who do the scrutiny of the MBE are the same as those who always did it, hence no change.

    The number of MBEs never increased, nor would it do.

    Look at the DSO - opened to all ranks for exceptional leadership in 1994, not just Senior Officers. Anyone heard of anyone but a Senior Officer getting it since 1994? ................No, didn't think so.

    The BEM coming back is a good thing, it is an attractive medal and good recognition for people. It can also be worn alongside any future MBE/OBE etc.
  5. Oh ****, now we will have loads of twats whining about not getting this one as they are the QDJM.
  6. MBE= Miles better than everyone... not.
  7. Always thought it was:

    MBE - My Bloody Effort
    OBE - Other Buggers Effort
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  8. I have a friend who was a recipient of the BEM two decades ago, and he was known collectively from then on, in the medium of the banter as, the . .

    Back Entry Merchant
  9. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Surely it would be more logical to reform the awards procedure than institute/revive a separate medal. Reference the DSO; is it anything more than a 'gizzit' to a battalion CO after a tour nowadays?
  10. I always got the impression that the military BEM's fell into that category in some cases. There was a Royal Signals' post in NI which earned a BEM at the end of tour. (I'm not saying that it was a bad thing as it was 'sneaky beaky' and quite dangerous.)
  11. The reintroduction of the BEM is a good thing - if it is 'classless' i.e. available to all ranks and not seen as a blue collar award.

    The military BEM was never a 'gizzit' - the recipients of the medal, and there weren't that many (probably fewer than MBEs), in my old regiment deserved the award.
  12. Do not give up on your dream FBG :)!
  13. Damn your eyes Sir! ( I say Sir with all due respect and envy, Trelawney MBE!)
  14. The Forces problem was making medals "rank ranged". BEM for SSgt and below, MBE was WO to Maj, OBE etc etc.
    It was stopped by John Major as a sop to the "classless" society. If they bring back the Military BEM, it should be available for all ranks as a "well done, boy" type medal. Retain membership of the Order for leadership and outstanding work. If a Corporal shows outstanding work and leadership, they should be eligible for the MBE. If a staff officer does something that is out of the ordinary (and I don't mean just working long hours as we all do/did that) then he should be eligible for the BEM. Just don't make it the class driven award as it used to be.
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  15. Maybe we just keep the MBE for QMs who turn the heating off completely and the BEM can go to the weaklings who leave it set at "frost protection" ?
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