British Embassy in Ethiopia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 570mils, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. Bits of Africa are still quite dangerous. Tourists are advised not to travel without an armed guard.
    I know a few people who've been stopped at gunpoint there. It's not usually an issue providing you give the gunmen what they want (usually money for drugs).
    Lots of houses/compounds in Niarobi, Kenya for example have armed security, either on-site, or on-call.


    Edited on request.
  2. had a "national security" element apparantly!
  3. Can we kill any comment on this?

    Not sensible, IMHO. Let's hope that it is resolved quickly and amicably.

  4. Ah fair comment on reflection.

    Speculation doesn't help.

    I'll edit the comment if Passingbells can remove the bit from the post too.
  5. Send in the SAS, that will teach those nasty men a lesson of two!
  6. Given Ethiopia's emergence as the US's 'new best friend' in the area (e.g. Somalian intervention), would it be too paranoid to assume some attempt by interested parties to drive a wedge between Ethiopia and the West (I know we're talking Brits not Yanks but when opportunity knocks...) or just old fashioned banditry?