British Embassy in Buenas Aires attacked by mob.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. Ok nothing too unusal about that.
    However despite the coverage on SkyNews last night,I saw no mention of it on the BBC News,nor do I see it on the BBC website.
    Surely the BBC were aware of it?
  2. You may have noticed an anti-Government agenda in some of Sky's output recently. If the rioting had warranted the Beeb's attention - I gather, like you, that it's nothing unusual - they would have covered it.
  3. Murdoch's revenge?
  4. The Oakland University killings dominated the news for most of the night , stealing the demonstrators thunder . Maybe they will be paid by Sky to do it all again today.
    Of course , it wouldn't be anything to do with the grilling Murdoch and his organization received at the hands of the Leveson Enquiry
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  5. They are rioting in B-A. How terribly predictable. Can we have a newsflash about kiddy fiddling in the Roman Catholic church next.
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  6. I notice there are no 'wide' shots on the Sky News website to show the scale of this demo leading me to think it was all rather small and insignificant.

  7. BBC: Argies 'good', British Empire 'bad'… M'kay?

    See Beebs latest anti Empire winge courtesy of Paxo.
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  8. Surely the best thing is to ignore these rioters?
  9. Are there any Vulcans left to bomb the place?
  10. What rioters? :)
  11. Remember the plot in the Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies? Shurely Sky would never sponsor a riot in a foreign country in the hopes it would trigger a military response? Especially when the only thing the UK can do is chuck a nuclear weapon.
  12. Yes. But it is booked to appear at an airshow or two this year.
  13. :). If only we had aircraft carriers.......
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  14. Judging by the effort,man hours and expense of dropping one bomb on Stanley runway that may not be the best option.
  15. That was kind of my point. I really have to work on my sarcasm calibration. :)