British DSF tries to ban new SAS book.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by petergriffen, Feb 8, 2010.

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  1. Link to original article

    I'll have to admit, it's sad but I have pre-ordered it from Amazon :oops: :oops:
  2. I dont think that there is much of an argument here. Details of operations can damage future work carried out by the unit. to discuss any modus operandi is wrong and i feel that banning the book is the way forward.
  3. Great publicity!
  4. Well, if the blokes involved hadn't gobed off about it, there'd be no book, simples.
  5. Quote "Special Forces Support Group (FORMERLY the 1st Battalion The Parachute Regiment)"...................... that will be interesting news to the 600 blokes walking about thinking their still 1PARA then?
  6. There's one of them on Arrse and he just refers to it as SFSG.....they are who they want to be anyway I guess.
  7. Beat me to it! :wink:
  8. Theres more than one of the creatures on ARRSE. :D
    It's 1 PARA SFSG, theres nothing "former" about it. :x
    Even though 2 and 3 PARA call them Once PARA or R1P PARA.
  9. Urban did a short stint as an officer in the RTR followed by TA, so you would think he'd have some appreciation of OpSec.
  10. Mark Urban is also the author of "Big Boys' Rules; The SAS and the Secret War against the IRA"- Written in 1992, 2 years before the first Ceasefire.
    He has good connections and access to some of the "older school" SF community from this. I suspect he would have consulted one or two older and wiser heads before putting the manuscript in, funnily enough most writers like getting published!
  11. It was Special Farces who flooded the bogs in Brookside Close iirc
  12. Nothing to do with tactics at all, it's just the classic "you can't talk about SF except in hushed tones as 'Soldier X' and then we'll refuse to comment" fetish. Urban's stuff is always good. Big Boys Rules was excellent and the man is no fool, so I doubt any of his material is in danger of endangering opsec in the slightest. But for DSF to admit that takes them a bit closer to being human like the rest of us.

    But... mystique is UKSF's USP. If they stay as shadowy figures, it allows THEM to remain as strategic shock troops and makes the baddies extremely paranoid, which is exceptionally awesome. That same mystery and kudos also allows to take liberties and portray 's finest as brain surgeon / rocket scientist / secret assassin / James Bond types, rather than the talented infantry NCOs that most of them actually are. And it helps THEM all get second careers doing CP word for dodgy oligarchs. Hey, everyone has to resettle at some point! :D
  13. Keep it down! What do you think it will do to morale if the blokes find out that the softly spoken fella in the helly hansen top is THEM?

    They're all bulletproof ninjas with eyes that glow red :twisted:
  14. I was at the funeral of Tanky Smith MC,when DLB and others were asked not to attend the wake in camp afterwards,by one of DSF's then minions.Not a happy day.
  15. Indeed. And MOD told us at the time that it was a Very Naughty Book, and we weren't to go out and buy it. Or read it. Or believe any of it etc. Did wonders for the circulation. And the sky didn't fall in either.