British Drilling Nails (videos)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wm1965, Jan 22, 2012.

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  1. Well, nails drill.

    I thought the RHKP NCOs (drill instructors) did a good show in 1997 outside Government House, bonus as they were using Lee Enfields for the authentic tinny-sound:

    IIRC there was about 10-minutes of drill before the Last Post but they've cut it down a lot in video editing. And fck me someone gave the crabs guns to make bang sounds @ 5:35!

    Sadly the HKP Band is now crap and their pipes sound like the pipe major varies only his pressure on the cat's balls.
  2. Out of interest whatever happened to Lance Brown, ADC to H.E. Governor Patten after 30th June 1997? I assume he retired at 2359 30th June for a British pension rather than risk a Chinese one - like so many RHKP officers. That said I a few days ago I saw one of the few Britons still left in the HKP.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Chris Patten the man who gave away the lastt bits of the Empire and the RUC. Not a man I would want to be stood near!
  4. Whilst he oversaw the process I don't think it was actually his idea to hand HK back.
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  5. It was. He initiated the whole thing.
  6. IIRC he had recently lost his "safe" seat at the previous general election and the old boy network found him this temporary position. The handover date was was decided in the terms of the original contract/treaty with the Chinese which included a 99 year lease.
    He did however initiate the poll tax under Thatcher.
  7. You just can't trust British Catholics can you? Always want to give away land.

    Alas it was actually Thatcher who hoped Deng Xiaoping would be more senile than he was who had to hand all of HK back when the Chinese wouldn't renew the 99-year lease on the New Terratories.
  8. The rumour going around here was that the PRC government was prepared to extend the lease, but somehow the Blessed Maggie pissed them off and so they said they wanted their ball back (in Putonghua).
  9. Never heard that one. As an aside walking around recently I was struck at how little has changed, I mean it's got common law, left-hand drive, British plugs, Cantonese/English in government and in commerical life. The PLA come out to play less than the Army did. The JD turned out better than we thought it would. Still give it 15 years before the property developers start what happens after 2047?
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    All true about Patten, still not the bloke I'd want to sit next to on the bus to the airport!
  11. Chris Patten the tories answer to David Owen. Anything either toucher fell to bits yet the chattering classes hang on their every word still. BBC today programme put them on everytine they need a smug git to give us a bit of hindsight.
  12. I'm happy to be proved wrong but The PLA aren't allowed out to play in HK during their down time. Unless their duties dictate otherwise they remain restricted to keeping within their barracks. The Hong Kong Government requested it that way and no doubt the PLA headshed also prefer it that way as it stops all their troops going AWOL into the bright lights of the city.

    There seems to be more protests in HK these days than under British rule. The one thing the handover footage never shows is the mass protests that began on midnight of the handover and continue to be held on the same date every year in between the many other anti China protests. There seems to be quite a lot of resentment towards the "Chinese squeeze" that continues to attempt to influence HK matters.
  13. I remember watching this on TV when I was younger and thinking the Black Watch looked the mutts nutts. Hong Kong must have been an awesome place to do a tour. What was the craic there, was it 2 year postings with resident infantry battalions similar to Cyprus? Did they have an RE Sqn out there?

    I allways thought I joined the Army ten years too late. Could of joined in 1990 and got amongst the 1st gulf, done a banner tour when it was still a bit tasty, saw the balkans and maybe of got out to Hong Kong aswell.
  14. You're safe. Nobody could give you away ;-)
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  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Not sure about support arms but the Inf Bns raotated through. You could however do 22 years and not get there solely due to postings.The Bn I joined had come back from there 4 years before and also sneaked in a UN Cyprus tour as well meaning the only sunshine I saw was on the Prairies around Wainwright!
    One of the main reasons for moving on was the CO in Omagh selecting Berlin over 2 years in Gib or Cyprus!
    He couldnt see why the lads didnt like him!