British doctor killed by Taliban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mark1234, Aug 7, 2010.

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  1. My first though was "what the **** was she thinking" .

    Did they even have an armed escort or where they just relying on the good will of the Taliban not to slot them?

    Why do apparently clever people not realise that there are nasty people in the world who will kill you as soon as look at you.

    British doctor and nine others killed in Afghanistan ambush - Telegraph
  2. I'm never surprised at the lack of basic common dog many obviously very intelligent people have.

    Doogooder mindset: I'll be alright, I'm a Doctor helping people so they'll leave me alone.

    Robber mindset: Oh look! Doctors! Well off Westerners!
  3. I love it when the God squad put their lives in the hands of the Almighty sky pixie. A harsh lesson/price to pay for believing in ****ing fantasy nonsense.

    Just 5 billion more of the ***** before humanity wakes up to the fact that it is meerly bacteria on the pimply arrse of the planet

    Love and kisses theGimp
    (Fundamental atheist)
  4. Advocating Apostacy? That will get you deaded for sure in many Muslim countries.
  5. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Looking at Dr. Wo, I definitely would have. Probably still will, if they can get hold of a fridge out there sharpish.
  6. She wasn't that good a doctor seeing as she died.
  7. I must have taken a wrong turn, cos I wasn't looking for the naafi.

    Time & place cd.
  8. Why am I not surprised by the actions of a bunch of medieaval fanatics KILLING Doctors in the name of the "RELIGION OF PEACE", I look forward to reading the comments of the resident Islamophiles! :-(
    Its not just Afghanistan look at this report from Yemen last year where 2 German Nurses were killed by the savages! :- Bible School Students Murdered in Yemen - Christian World News - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 -
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    In the majority of Muslim countries, in fact. I'm now convinced that anyone who goes on about a majority of 'moderate muslims' is living in a bubble. There are some of these - but almost entirely confined to W Europe and other Western Countries. In most (well over half) of Muslim nations, to be Christian, or Gay, or even female means that you have fewer rights than a 'normal' male (Well over half have being gay as a criminal, sometimes a capital, offence - countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan).

    To say that most Muslims are 'moderate' is demonstrably bollocks.
  10. How about " Never mind the politics . I'll help people who are needing my medical services ? "

    It's easy to sneer at idealism that borders on the naive , perhaps even stupid , but this sums up the type of scum that that waging jihad against the west . Perhaps if anyone of us gets in to a discussion with the usual suspects in the " anti war brigade " we'd do well to point out that NATO aren't commiting murder against aid workers
  11. Repeat after me…

    Being a Christian Missionary in a country were the local religion mandates the death penalty for anyone who converts from Islam is high on the list of Darwin Award winning jobs.
  12. In this country I would say most muslims are moderate, at least those who I come into contact with are, but that still leaves a lot who aren't.

    I also think it's more of a cultural thing, around the turn of the 1st millenia the Muslim religion was very much more tolerant than christianity, other religions where tolerated but it was beneficial to be a muslim, which is why the Roman (byzantine) empire fell.

    But since then the religion and the people who believe in it seem to have gone back to the stone age.

    I'm with Gimp on this, the sooner people stop trying to force their brand of sky pixies on others the better.
  13. Unless of course they really were distributing bibles in the local tongue. In which case, it looks like the Emperor's been busy again:

    "You go off and win souls for Christ, you're a doctor as well as a missionary, so nobody'll lay a finger on you. God will be chuffed to bits with you, no duff."

    "Cracking idea Emperor, I'll do it."

    Evil laughter echoes....
  14. She was part of a Christian aid organisation, so I think the Taliban might be telling the truth this time.