British Diplomat Murdered in Lebanon

There is nothing in either her position at the embassy, or the article linked, to suggest that she held Diplomatic status. Could the thread-title be changed? Sympathy to the family and friends indeed, but not an international incident.
As a DfiD officer she was likely to have been afforded diplomatic status to go about her Department's work - principally managing aid to the millions of Syrian refugees. As an Attaché I was also regarded as a diplomat both by the UK and the Receiving State, and afforded the same privaleges I have now.
In my last post that is exactly how the Int Cpls spent their long summer and winter evenings - entertaining the clever and slightly sex-starved Second and Third Secretaries.
I worked with 16 RMP CP lads and none of them ever talked about being on the job whilst on the job - all left to the inhouse staff, rather than the visiting team. It was all taken seriously until the endex shout, then, for example, it was off to a live sex show in a european capital city where some team members climbed onto the stage and joined the performance..........allegedly!

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