British desert DMP uniforms, Help the german

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Gilgenbach, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. Hello,

    my name is Rob, i am from germany and i hope I am allowed to ask some basic questions about british uniforms here.

    My younger brother (who is currently serving with the Bundeswehr in Afghanistan) and I (who only served 18 months as a "conscript" :rmp: in the 80s started to collect British Army kit and uniforms a while back.

    What I would like to know is

    1. Is the SMOCK, DESERT, WINDPROOF, DPM is still an issue item today. If so, are there variations. My brother told me that the few british soldiers he sees over there dont seem to be wearing the smock.

    2. Does the british army issue Gore-Tex jackets in Desert DPM?

    3. My brother emailed me photos of british soldiers with velcro straps attached to the sleeves of their field jackets. Are these issue jackets, or do they add the velcro in the field?

    4. Concerning TRF patches. Are they worn in the subdued version only (in the field) or are the colored versions allowed?

    I hope I am not getting on your nerves and you are getting on with my english.

    Any help will be appreciated! Thanks a lot guys!

  3. Are you thinking of this ?
  4. No, not dark brown velcro on the jacket. Its not the shirt hes wearing. I wished I could find the photo on my harddrive. Thanks for all the help so far!!
  5. I am not sure if it's what you mean, but I've seen the latest issue field jackets with velcro patches on the arms. If so, then it's issue.
  6. Yes thats probably what I meant. Do you know if these are obtainable as surplus and what the exact Name (or maybe NSN) is?
  7. I haven't even got one, so they are not that widespread yet. Can't imagine many surplus stores will have them at the moment. If you really want, I can ask someone tomorrow who has one for the NSN and see if it is different to the jacket I have.
  8. There called UBACS under body armour combat shirt,

    There are genuine issue ones and some copies.
  9. No, he mentioned those aren't the ones he means. Now the normal smock comes with velcro patches on the arms, think he means those.
  10. what is with the great interest? Doing a research programme...
  11. I think these are the normal smocks and shirts with velcros sewn on by the unit tailor before deploying. TRFs, ISAF, Brigade and home help badges etc can then be swapped around to keep everyone looking neat.

    This is at least what I saw with 11 Bde slouched in my shirt with only the Union Flag it came with. Badges? I sh1t 'em.

    Edited for monging it and accusing the wrong Bde of bullsh1tiness.