British Defense attaché impressed by drill

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 26, 2007.

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  1. Shenyang Military District is one of their better funded ones and the Commander is usually picked for ability as well as the normal impressive political connections. No surprise that they put their A-Team on display.

    The Japanese observer's comments were interesting:

    Yeah, like the one over the Marco Polo Bridge, says he cynically.
  2. After reading that article and looking at the pictures, I think I've spotted a chink in their armour.
  3. An exersise with that many troops. I hope they don't get to good to quickly or everybody is going to get a bit jumpy.
  4. F*ck picking up the brass for that one!
  5. Followed the links with interest and viewed the picture of the Chinese "orders" and having spotted the "bullpup"weapons stacked in small wigwam like piles. My curiosity led to the links attached.........


    The QBZ-95 (Type 95) can be compared in it's reliability with the AK Assault Rifles. Assault Rifle features low recoil power and cold hammer forged barrel. These features provide high fire accuracy. Furthermore it executes three shot burst fire. Weapon's compact dimensions, light weight, additional pistol and carrying handles provide comfortable handling and usage including in a limited space areas. It has can be reloaded from the each hand. One more advantage is ability to fed it from the 75 round drum magazine.

    (taken from )

    Fook me they've got some good kit........or so it seems, maybe most of the army is still using pointy sticks but it makes you think doesn't it?


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  6. onOr cutting the danger area templates out of that thick talc they used to give you at Warminster!
  7. What, that their cam and concealment is a bit shit if they insist on wearing white gloves with their DPM?


    Oh how kind! My coat... :p
  8. 8) 8) Ah So! you trust China :?: 8) 8) you must be a wally 8) 8)
  9. Is the British Defence Attache the same Rudi Wertheim I knew in the King's German Legion at Salamanca?
  10. The PLA guys I see round Jiansu Province are all equipped with the Type 95. So far as I can tell it's just the Peoples Armed Police that have AKs. Mind you, Lanzhou Military District sent 3 Divs to the front in '85 and they've stayed one of the better equipped.

    I would love to get my hands on one for a wee bit, but I don't really fancy being arrested for spying.
  11. Now who was proposing (on another thread) that we invade Burma to help the monks and to hell with what the Chinese think!!

    Even if we could find an infantry division, who thinks we could find enough ammo to do a live firing ex? 2x rnds a man perhaps - and don't fire them all at once, keep some in reserve for the re-org phase.
  12. Dozy poppet...wah! Wah?

    GBT - very good, almost worthy of that great punster MrSoft.
  13. Just being polite that's all. You know how sensitive the Chinese are - they have a huge inferiority complex. If the Brit sniffed and said, "This is not an exercise, it's a dog and pony show" he'll never be invited back to spy again.

    The Russians certainly weren't impressed with the Chinese in their (real) joint exercises. The tanks were slow, the planes were inaccurate and the trucks and missiles couldn't move over rough ground.
  14. Exactly what the PLA also think about the Russians, they really are not happy bedfellows, many PLA officers believe that its the Russkies they will be fighting again well before any Western Nation. After all China has significant historic claims on all of the Land mass east of Omsk.