British defence spending criticized for being too high

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Livin_on_a_prayer, Mar 21, 2007.

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    Britain currently has the 3rd largest defence budget in the world, and has been criticized by Christians groups that the extra spending should be used for other means... Discuss
  2. Perhaps ridding Great Britain of those pesky christians maybe?
  3. 'If we want to build real security in the Middle East, security
    that meets the needs of the entire region's people, we need to be investing in conflict prevention and non-violent ways to solve political conflicts.'

    Meanwhile, back on planet Earth.........
  4. Yes, what we spend on war could be diverted to a large soldiers welfare fund that we could utilise for beer drinking and strumpetting.

    I'm beginning to think Henry VIII had a point.
  5. That report in the link dates from 2005, and I wonder if the Fellowship of Reconciliation in England (which I think may have some connection with Norman Kember) has modified its views at all in the interim.

    Tried a swift search for more recent press statements by them on this issue, but nothing came up.

    The general thrust of FRE seems to be a pious appeal for us all to sit down civil-like and discuss how to coexist with our differences.

    The reality is rather different. Si vis pacem, para bellum. I am pleased to see that the Chancellor has given more money towards defence in today's budget, but it's not enough.
  6. "part of an international movement of religious non-violence associated with Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT),"

    Says it all really, on the evangelical, head in the clouds happy clappy fringes of christianity
  7. I am not sure which worries me more - this naively pacifist type of fundamentalist/evangelical, or the "kill 'em all God will know his own" wing that is backing George Dubbyah. As current thinking goes, probably the latter are scarier.
  8. So did Henry II ("Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?")
  9. Turbulent priest methinks.
  10. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    it's not too high but it def needs a bit more on the value for money side of things.
  11. Like many of these “oh my god the cost of defence” articles they merge fact and fiction. This is not an increase in defence spending, it is spending on government foreign policy. The fact that it involves the forces is secondary. It is not being spent on defence. Looking at the site below it puts us at number 5 (just in front of Japan!) with $42.8 Bn.

    After a short search what I have found is that no one quite knows what is being spent by whom. Some have said we are spending $50bn some $32bn. What is evident is that the permanent members of the security council and Japan are at the top. With some reports saying,

    and others have,,,1958581,00.html

    Some one must be wrong?
  12. Troublesome I was lead to believe as a schoolboy...however the trusty Wiki offers four mainstream options:-

    There are some of the meek who think it is sufficient to just be meek. They are the tendency who have made this pronouncement. They are the sort of people who go on "missions" to embattled nations, hoping by the example of their piety to bring about peace and end up as hostages. Some smart young trooper gets half a dozen AK rounds through his chest, they get rescued and rather irritatingly say they didn't want to be rescued, all of the shooting was terribly distracting from their message of pacifism and Trooper X as a "man of blood" was cruising for it, okay?

    On the other hand there are good old fashioned muscular Christians like Cuddles and quite a few others (take a look at OCU members some time!). We are quite happy for the meek to inherit the earth but we think it needs a bit of tidying up first, so we consider peace-making to be a lot more like Bosnia and a lot less like Lebanon!
  13. I can't remember my school days since the NHS stopped funding Alzheimer's drugs so I have to go with the official Blackadder version.

    When Edmund is appointed Archbishop of Canterbury his dad the King says 'Who will rid me of this turbulent priest'.

    I stand corrected.
  14. Everyone know that the problems in the Middle East can be solved by a bunch of Christians going in and teling those pesky Musliums what they are doing wrong.

    I am sure that they will listern to a load of do-gooder infidels and see the error of their ways and start biulding churchs and we can all get on.
  15. Historical myth.

    He really said, "You four, go and do the cnut."