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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BaldBaBoon, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. Talking with a few friends about all the cuts and sackings going on in the UK,and it got around to the TA and the proposed 900 Mod Police being cut....and someone asked a question about where this was all going to end up.Now this was just a question out of interest in the subject,not for one moment thinking it would happen.

    What numbers would be needed in the Forces it we became a pure defence force rather than supporting operations overseas or anything for that matter.....just everyone stationed within the UK only,not even part of some proposed European Army.

    I know these numbers change depending on a nations assets and population and influence,so the last time I read about this in the early 1990's..I believe that number might be well off by now.

    Anybody suggest numbers for the Army,Navy and Airforce?
  2. Surely the numbers are dictated by capability. How many artillery pieces, how many tanks, how many attack/support helos and aircraft, what Naval capability are you planning? Patrol boats, coastal or fisheries protection. Work out what needs to be done for defensive rather than offensive operations and then you can work out manpower needs.
  3. Current spending limits will mean the BDF will be as follows.

    Navy: 2 blokes in a pedello with a 12 gauge shot gun

    Army: 10 blokes based at dover castle with 5 smooth bore muskets and 10 rounds.

    Air Force: what Air Force??
  4. You really think this will ever happen?
  5. No,I do not think it will happen as stated in the first post.

    Its just out of pure interest in a kind of " what if " scenario.....being an island making a difference to our defence needs compared to somewhere landlocked for example.

    How many ships would be needed to patrol the coastline,airspace defence and what troops to provide coverage....I dont remember seeing any numbers on the forums.
  6. I wonder which enemy you have in mind ? Is there an enemy who would want to invade and take over UK ?

    Even if we wanted to we couldn't even give Northern Ireland away to Southern Ireland because the South don't want to pick up the bill for all the artificial public sector work.

    Any wise enemy would simply pursue the current strategy to leave UK alone as the world's landfill site to send their human and nuclear garbage.
  7. Difficult to speculate about something that we all know will never happen really isn't it :roll:
  8. Air Force?? You mean Man has learnt to fly?? Witchcraft I tell you, withcraft :wink:
  9. True,it is far fetched...I suppose the nearest I can get to an answer is to look at somewhere like Ireland and just do a botch job on the difference in actual size and round up.

    I cannot really use Australia as a comparison as the country is so bloody big even with a small limited maths wont be able to work that one out.
  10. Or look at somewhere Finland. But do we really want to expand the army that much?

    The Irish armed forces plan on the assumption that we won't invade, & anyone else has to get past us. They're not a good basis for working out what is needed to defend a country that doesn't have a big neighbour with a vested interest in not letting anyone else take it over.
  11. Burn her! :D
  12. Perhaps we have enough drug dealers with shotguns and nasty dogs to defend us. If they don't feel like fighting any invaders, they can probably afford to bribe them to go away.
  13. UKDF by 2030 buy you all a pint if not .

  14. Gerbils are the new enemy...dont think you have not been warned.