British "Defence Culture"

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Adjutant, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. The Adjt has to knock out (among other things) 1500 words of the King's Spanish on our 'Defence Culture', that of GB. By tomorrow.

    Thoughts please.

  2. Remember that in times of peace the regular army are the caretakers of the military tradition in order that the TA can step up in time of general war...

    Check your PMs.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The price of victory is eternally asking why the funding wasn't there to make it quicker.
  4. Surely the British defence culture is "too little, just in time"? Or "the right amount from a socio-economic point of view, too late, followed by redundancies"?

    A bit like the standard essay questions on leadership this one, although I always got muddled over the difference between character building and soul destroying.
  5. How about 'UK plc's defence culture is based around lining the pockets of defence companies who provide, at best, mediocre equipment at the costliest price by senior officers who then go and work for said company'?
  6. No, that's the UK's 'Enduring Stategic Level Policy for Defence'. The Defence Culture is ARRSE, specifically the contents of the NAAFI Bar.
  7. No, no, no...British defence culture is best summed up by that old anglo-Saxon poem "Are you looking at me, want a picture, gertcha..." (thump) "That'll learn yer..."
  8. We must be on 400 words already...
  9. You could go off on a tangent how Bliar expects the UK to depend on the Spams for AD Capability-that's at least 200 words.

    AND, you could go on for at least 800 words on the futility of having a Cold War designed aircraft (Eurofighter) in modern day warfare.

    100 words summary and there you go-job done!
  10. "Pig and and and and and Whistle" there's seven easily slotted in. Why doesn't Adjutant simply argue that there is no British defence culture? Note that doctrine was only encapsulated in 1996 and published glossy defence policies are equally novel. Former eras merely had military presence as part and parcel of an extended royal retinue and the coincidence of this alien defence culture and the British approach to ad hoc defence resulted in disturbance and indeed civil war. Or not.
  11. Good Post the_matelot; except that he would have at least 800 words of bo**ocks.

    You could turn this on its head and get noticed. Why not argue that GB doesn't have a "Defence Culture". The Navy, the Army and the Air Force do and, perhaps a few elements of the DLO but, for the greater part of the Country, sod all. We have an entertainment, popular media, health and education Culture.
  12. British Defence culture? Best I've heard it described:

    Fully Comprehensive insurance for the price of Third Party Fire and Theft!
  13. refer back to english civil war, as to why the military don't do politics - there is a very good programme on Nat geo channel/discovery called masters and commanders (??? i think???). Makes cromwell sound a bit talibannie

    Most salient point from programme was the last time a CDS (40 + years ago) resigned it barely made a ripple, speaking/leaking to press much better!
  14. MS_Rep

    MS_Rep RIP

    I'll offer you just one. The other 1499 are for you to sort out...

    I stopped passing my jcsc notes to others after one of my contemporaries promoted to 2 star before me :roll:

    My one word on Defence Culture is..

    oxymoron :wink:
  15. Presumably it's written, submitted and marked by now. Do we get to read it?

    In English though, please.