British Day ditched

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TwentyBandH, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. The ZANU Labour party have ditched plans to have a British national day. W*nkers.
  2. Really, there is a surprise, NOT. Obviously no money in it for them.
  3. From today's Sun (sorry)
    Good thing too. The new Labour Project's concept of 'British' is very different from mine.
  4. “Labour still hasn’t worked out that British identity is bound up in our institutions, culture and history. It can’t be re-manufactured by their spin doctors.”
    Unfortunately, it wont stop the feckless cnuts trying to spin it to death. ....Now, can we please rumble into westminster and start making better use of their lamp-posts.........and I am not fussed which party they happen to represent.
  5. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Hmm Liarbour fail to carry something through shocker.... fcuking wasters.
  6. This is great news.

    If there ever was to be anything in the way of a 'British' day I would never want it implemented under an agenda-ridden New Labour government.

    As Herbert has said, it would merely be an agency of New Labour spin not a genuine attempt to revive British nationhood.

    A meaningful day would be Trafalgar, QEII Birthday, VE Day etc, not some "manufactured" Labour idea to keep hold of Scottish votes.

    ****ing hate Labour.
  7. I know what British means, but is it relevant in this new society? Should do, but I wonder....
  8. Hadn't guessed... :roll:
  9. Outrage, can somone provide me with an address i can complain to, it has put me in a bad mood :x
  10. The RH Mr. Bovine Bxstard,

    No. 10,

    Downing Strausse - FT Index,

    Wall Street Sausage and Mash,

    RBS Back Alley,

    Bank of England,

    Hole in the Wall Street,

    EC1 for all and all for us.

    No postage required - there is no one to deliver it anyway.