British Culture is .........

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by semper, Nov 12, 2006.

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  1. On another thread some have asked, what is NATIVE British culture ?,

    I say It is our Laws, Our Historical Traditions, Our Genetic Heritage, Our English Language, The Magna Carta, 1066, Curry Houses, Chinese Dim Sum Buffet, Ben Nevis, Bagpipes, Loch Ness Monster, Blackpool, LOndon, Queen, The Union Flag, Religious Freedom, Remembrance Sunday...........

    all of the above is what we are, a great absorber of the world, we pick the best of what come our way and make it our own, all of the above is built up through accepting foreign words in our Languages and Cultures, The Laws were developed by Best Practice and Common sense over the years , our Genes is Roman, Celtic, Scandinavians, Saxons, Jews, Asians etc , the Union Flag is also admired and respected for what it stands for in the World and many Former Colonies kept in their Flags, Most Importantly of all all of the people of the past INTEGRATED, the Huguenot (French Prostestants) integrated, the Jews Integrated, First Generation Asians and west Indians, Chinese integrated, even the Polish are fitting in, EVERYBODY obeyed the same laws, spoke the same language, Defended this country against all who would destroy it............

    that is the British Culture, we cannot have another Country within another Country, a State within a State, It is divisive everybody must obey the same law, speak the Same Language, respect the Union flag and British insitutions, worship your own way by all means as long as it does not threaten anybody, no point shouting "Look out !" if a big ton of Brick drops on an Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Albanian, Polish speakers head as he won't know what you are on about !
  2. How could you omit football?

    Shame on you.
  3. ... Beer and Shakespeare - supporting the underdog.

  4. taking the piss.... even at very VERY serious moments
  5. Being British means: Giving up everything you believe in BECAUSE OF THOSE yoghurt knitting lesbian gay namby pampy pc correct to,,ers in government
  6. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    Rugby, cricket, warm beer, cucumber sandwiches, marmalade and toast, the Telegraph, Pimms, G&T, Scotch, shooting, hunting (yes, even now!), curry houses, THE PUB, May Day in Oxford, cheese rolling, public schools, Bobbies on the beat, RED telephone boxes, RED post boxes
  7. Brass bands, fish and chips, marmite, queuing.

    Saying sorry when someone else bumps into you.

    Being tolerant almost to the point of submissiveness, but ferociously aggressive when it matters.
  8. Morris dancers ( well come on, who else would be daft enough??)

    Sand sarnies on the beach

  9. Talking VERY LOUDLY to foreigners instead if learning their language.
    Looking for Fish and Chips in Spain (not eating that Paella carp)
    Supermarkets going wonderfully quiet and still at 1100 on Remembrance day.
    Terry Wogan's sarcasm during The Eurovision Song Contest (in fact any form of sarcasm / irony cos no-one else seems to get it).
    Alan Titchmarsh
    Double barrelled surnames
  10. Excellent comment! Can I add loudly and slowly, because they all think in English, even though they speak something else.

    (However I have to admit letting the side down by speaking two other languages :oops: )
  11. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Jumpers for goalposts.............
  12. ... the ability to make tea under the most arduous of circumstances and then joke about how close to death/serious injury you were.

    That and drinking heavily, fighting, getting pregnant at 14 and being easily led by the tabloid press.
  13. Hoping that someone who is doing well for themselves falls flat on their face.........and doing as much as you can to push him over.

    Jealousy.....the British disease.
  14. Very true! But you can add the following: toilet humour, earwigging other people's conversations in pubs, eating pasties and having a real sense of superiority in whatever non-UK location we find ourselves holidaying in....