British contributions to space flight - e2V CCDs

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by Excognito, Oct 11, 2011.

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  1. e2V, a British company based in Chelmsford, produces high quality CCDs that have been, are and will be used for imaging in several well-know space programmes.

    1. e2v provided CCDs for two of the three instruments flying on Nasa's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)
    2. Victoria Crater seen through the Chelmsford image sensors of the HiRise camera system on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO)
    3. Hubble's Wide Field Camera 3 was installed during the telescope's final servicing mission. It incorporates two e2v CCDs
    4. e2v CCDs also went into orbit this year around the Planet Mercury with Nasa's Messenger spacecraft
    5. Europe's Envisat spacecraft continues to provide pictures of the Earth nine years after launch
    See BBC News - A billion pixels for a billion stars

    They have supplied the billion pixel sensor for the Gaia satellite that is intended to produce the most detailed optical map of our Galaxy.
  2. Does anyone have a list of other UK companies involved in producing components, sub-systems, software, and equipment for satellites, launchers (???), probes, and ground based space related systems?
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  4. So now we know what an SDO is and an MRO, but WTF is a CCD?
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  6. Ha. CCD. Charge Coupled Device. It's the bit in a digital camera that collects the light and by the magic of quantum turns it into porn.
  7. I think black box do or at least did. they were heavily involved with the TEMPEST ptoject for NATO as well
  8. To be honest it is a long list (if you consider component suppliers). I was being awkward.