British Commonwealth Soldiers' Union

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by club, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. Hi All,

    Does anyone know whether this Union exists? If so, please could you let me know how I could get in contact with them?

    Many thanks
  2. I take it everyone else has stared at this post and gone 'Fcuk it, It's Friday and I really can't be bothered with this pap'?
    Thought so.
  3. A union? Really? IF, and it's a big "if" you are actually serving, you really didn't read the small print when you signed (You can read and write can't you? Just checking.) on the dotted line.
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  4. A quick Google reveals that there was much talk of this back in 2007, but there's no sign of anything more recent. BAFF commented at the time (there's a thread on ARRSE somewhere) and might have more info:
  5. The Badge told me to get a hair cut. Tools Down boys.
  6. ******* honky bastard told to shave an' all, even though I told 'im I can't do dat cos of me skin condition. I is out wid ya, bruddah!
  7. So is the myth that Commonwealth soldiers tend to be lazy being promulgated or have you thought to Google it yourself?
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  8. "Google it you lazy sod" was my first reaction too, but there doesn't seem to be anything out there to show whether this got off the ground or not. If it did, then it was under a different name, but I suspect it just ran out of steam. Takes a lot of time and energy to launch something like this, and it's not exactly going to be career-advancing either.
  9. So you're basically saying it was probably too much trouble?
  10. I remember giving an interview on BBC News 24 at the time - as did Patrick Mercer MP. There are a couple of references to a Commonwealth Soldier's Union on the BAFF website. I think this is the main one:
  11. People were bandying the idea around for a while but I believe they all got cold feet and withdrew.
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  12. I think that's about it, as the BAFF article from 2007 implies.
  13. It is a strange concept because it covers such a multitude of people and could quite happily be under the same roof as BAFF. If Commonwealth is a euphemism for 'black' then it's a very poor one and I don't see why white Commonwealth or even black Commonwealth soldiers should feel they need separate representation. To me it seems unnecessarily devisive and implies that at organisation like BAFF could not represent their needs as well as any other soldier they represent.