British Commonwealth Soldiers Union

Why? Passed over for promotion and need to play the race card?
I was going to ignore this one but i cant walk away!! im fed up with some (not all) commonwealth Soldiers thinking that they can play the race card just because they think they have been wronged or have been punished for doing something wrong. I might also like to add that it is not a Union, it has no power what-so-ever. You are in the British Army- therefore when you sign on the dotted line you forsake some of the rights and privillages that civvys have, and you join an organisation where people are pushed through the ranks because they are good at there jobs and dam well earn it!!
If you dont like it, feck off back to where ever you came from.
Have I missed anything or has IanC said why he wants the details................
hold the bus until we have the facts!
Ok far point i guess. IanC would you care to share the facts?, if i am wrong i will stand corrected and stick a rolling pin up my Arsse

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