British & Commonwealth POWs WW2 (Army, Navy Airforce)

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by boris7, May 8, 2007.

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  1. I have a complete list of British POW's officers and other ranks 1939 - 1945
    held in Germany and German occupied territories. Plus POW's officers and other ranks RN & RAF held in Germany and German occupied territories 1939 - 1945.....details include ...number, rank, name, Camp number and POW number......

    If any arrsers who are researching POW's during WW2 ....please contact me if you require any details of anyone!
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  2. Boris - I would be most interested to hear about my uncle. Don't know if he's still alive today, but he was captured at Dunkirk in 1940, & repatriated in an exchange in, I think, 1944. His name is Wilfred Sweeting. I think he was a Staff-Sergeant or WO2 in the East Yorkshire Regiment. Any info would be gratefully received. Nobody in my family speaks of those days, and most of them who lived through it have since died, so my research base is pretty thin.

  3. hi boris , is your list in form or on computer disk..
    if its disk id be most interested in a run off of names of pows from ..xib and 357.. for the fallingbostel military museum..
    if its in the hmso,, book form ive all ready got the army book..
    would be interested in the raf and commenwealth though...
  4. In a specific case you can access the Australian War Memorial WW2 nominal roll for all three services. This will include any decorations and/or POW status. If you have any relations or friends who served with Aussie forces you can print out a colour service certificate for them.
  5. lists are in book format printed in 1990....from original lists March 1945.....printed by JB Hayward & Sons......alas they are nolonger in business.....spoke to the daughter of JB Hayward in 1990.....

    Yes I will go through the Navy & RAF lists for you, I can either mail you the completed lists via snail mail or or by email attachment .......
    Please pm me which method to send.....

    I have time on my hands!!!!!
  6. CliSwe.... I dont have the info you require since your uncle was repatriated in an exchange about 1944.. But if you write to the International Red Cross in Geneva Switzerland....they will have the info you require. The Red X made visits to camps and were involved inrepatriated/exchange cases......I even got a complete audit trail of own my father when he was a POW (1940 -1945) names of the camps he was in and visiting RED X reports.

    Write to them and give as much detail as you can........replies can take up to 6 months......but worth it........

    Good luck in your quest....
  7. boris 7- hi--christ it will take you years to go through the books..ive got the army one and i know how many xib and 357 entries there are...
    i will take you up on your offer if you wish to,, but it would be a monster job,,,shame they arnt on a computer base somewhere..
    if you do go ahead put it to disk and send it .. that way it will be saved for ever in the museum ...thanks...pupgreen.
  8. Are you willing to help us on an occasional basis as well? We do get calls and enquiries.
  9. hi poppy travel,,if your ever in north germany i can recommend the
    fallingbostel military museum,,for vets to stop at.. it also covers pow camps in north germany.
    please get in touch if your in area..
  10. I remember reading in a book about 'Shingle Street' (IIRC) that an older chap with Home Guard shoulder titles was found languishing in a German prison,apparently snatched by a German shore raiding party.
  11. Just reading a book on the Soviet Gulag system and theres a small paragraph about 10 scotsmen being held in the system after the war the author was unable to find any further info with rewgards to this. Isnt there supposed to be quite a few POW's who remain unaccounted for?
  12. I have completed the RN, to include marines.......Done RAF officers....just got to do RAF other ranks........will get back to you when completed.....
  13. crikey thanks,,, your a busy chap,,