British & Commonwealth Graves in Iraq cleaned up.

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by chocolate_frog, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. Don't know if it has been done before but...

    Cheers lads, to the by the look of it mainly American team.

    I'll buy you a beer.

    Watch here
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Thanks gents, long way to go if it can ever get back to what it looked like end of the 50's.
  3. Whilst on Telic 3 - I got in touch with the RAF Habbaniyah society.

    In exchange for info / photos etc of the old days (1930'-50's) I took pics of Shaibah Log base for them, for their annual reunion.

    If you where sent to Iraq and you were lucky, you went to the lucious green camp west of baghdad called habbiniyah. If you were unlucky - you went to the devils oven, shaibah! Even the Iraqi army thought of shaibah as a punishment posting!

    RAF Habbaniyah Association
  4. Has been done before, I beleive the RAF let a female American Officer march with them on the Rememberance parade. Well done the Yanks
  5. The song, the lament is

    'The Green Fields of France'

    and the character in the song Wullie McBride actually existed.

    found a good link for info

    Wullie McBride
  6. I was lucky enough to attened the rememberance service on 11th of November 2006 at the cemetry in habbiniya its amazing the amount of work the yanks, brits and nepalease guys put in and they dont get a huge amount of free time, the old regime army had aparantley used part of the cemetry as an open sewer

    the perimeter wall opposite the entrance way has the panels commemerating the iraq leveis on it and the other side of that is the muslim cemetry which was abused just as bad and that was cleaned up by the yanks too
  7. Its just nice to know that someone still cares,

    and that caring isnt an old fashioned thing
  8. Good effort eveyone involved, especially the Americans as it was not even your guys there.

    Lets hope that one day Iraq can be safe enough the CWGC to take over and return it to the 1950s condition.
  9. I was on Op Telic 1 in 2005, we visited a British CWG cemetary in Al Amarah. It had a high wall all around it and was maintained by a local Iraqi in good condition. One of our lads unfortunatley died and a memorial was placed by my Unit within this cemetary, and on Condor airfield. We visited it a number of times and lots of us made small presents to the watchman, who seemed like a solid, good man.

    We also visited a CWG cemetary in Al Kut in the American sector, admitedly it was in the centre of town with no wall around it, but it was in pieces, bits of graves all over the place. The Americans couldent do enough to help though.

    I would be interested to know from anyone on succesive Telics what condition the Al Amarah cemetary is in now? If indeed it is still there.
  10. It's an honour to see US personnel giving up their limited time off to clean up the cemetary. Well done lads.
  11. I was in Al Amarah around about Telic 5. The Welsh Guards were there when we arrived and the Staffords took over from them. They may be able to help you if you know anyone from either Bn. By that point, after 1 PWRR had fought their battles in the town during summer of '04, the area in which the cemetary lay was not one which was easy to visit. I just hope that the watchman has not fallen victim to any of the local militias.
  12. Cheers Invicta, dont think I know anyone in them Units, anyone else help?
  13. At the rate we're killing jihadis, the land in Iraq will be the most fertile in the Middle East for centuries to come. And that, my friends, will be the fruit of our labor, heh heh.