British Commander requesting to double the amount of troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by leonidas42, Sep 24, 2008.

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  1. Just seen this on Sky news. Where are these troops coming from? :?

    I believe that if we need to send more troops to Helmand to smash terry, then we should, just trying to work out what Bde?

    I suspect the Comd British forces in Helmand being sorely disappointed.
  2. Well, we should either give the guy what he needs to do the job or pull out. We need a 2-Bde division and more supporting helicopters, and a much more generous reconstruction budget to have a chance, if we can't find the political will to commit that number of resources then we should knock it on the head and stop sending lads to die without hope of success...we need to put up or shut up...
  3. Have you seen Mr Julian Meteors comment on this story?


  4. I concur, fcuk me is it interweb day at spacker school?
  5. where is that quote from? whoever wrote that is a complete throbber
  6. Either that or it's a good crack at trolling.
  7. Julian Meteors? Thats made up right?
    It must be the name he uses when grooming little boys.
  8. Compulsory mobilisation for reserve forces on the horizon maybe??
  9. compulsory kicking for throbbers!
  10. it shouldn't be a problem, afterall, tony blair promised that our commanders in AFG would get everying they requested..... like additional helos.
  11. A good compromise would be us deploying a division HQ and being given a US brigade to use as we see fit in Helmand.

    At any one time at the moment there are four or five btns in Afghanistan, which means that 16-20 of our 39 Army/RM btns are commited to Afghanistan. Frankly if we want to maintain a large contingency force, Afghanistan has got all it's going to get.
  12. The Moron might want to look at this graph Armed Forces earnings index If he thinks troops aren't effected by the credit crunch, given that their pay has consistently risen at a lower rate than the average earnings index since 1992!

    Then it may be worth looking at this graph: Armed forces personnel and the key points and trends to see where any additional troops might come from.

    Yes, DASA has released the annual Armed Forces statistics here: DASA but not this months figures which appear to be "not available" despite a link being placed on the website.
  13. A solution presents itself...Compulsary National Service, with Mr Julian Metoeors, or whatever his real name is, first to be called up and sent to the Stan! :twisted:

    On a more serious note: even if there was the political will to do so, would we have enough numbers to double the amount of troops? 8O