British Comedy awards

Did anyone else sit and cringe through last nights comedy awards?

Jesus it was dire.... with the hightlight being the comedy genius of Steven Hawkins..

The only saving grace was Rikki Gervais mocking the other tolken hobbly for not having a go faster chair like the professers.

MAtt Groening although clearly a genius is a computer geek and a better tribute to Mr Hawkins would have been to tip him out of his chair, rob his cashpoint card and toe tap his munter of a gold sigging fiance in her starfish. :D :D

Am i alone in wanting to bich slap 'Ant & Dec'
Says it all when Matt Groening got a standing ovation but Stephen Hawking didn't. At least I tuned in late and missed that numpty Johnny Vegas - the most unfunny man to walk the face of this earth.
I thought the only entertaining bit was Johnny Vegas. Liked how he stole the show from the 2 Geordie Dwarves.

Got to agree about the Stephen Hawkins part, I was cringing during those awkward silences when he was booting up his spectrum voice box.
No MDN, you weren't alone.

Regrettably, I caught the end of the love-in where the fact that the majority of the promotional support came from the Currant Bun was made abundantly clear when some of the most original comedy that has appeared in over ten years like The Green Wing was beaten by the regurgitated dross from the Little Britain t*ss-team. Something to do with not having clear left and right markers with 'Sketch starts' and 'Sketch Stops (Laugh Now)' written on them perhaps.

Did get the impression from Jack Dee and Jonathan Toss that they didn't think much of OneTel's idea of a 'good night out'...and doesn't that self-important mincer of a marketing director realise that he loses more than his bodyweight in p1ss every time he opens his gob in front of comedy carnivores like them. Someone really need to read his palm for him!
I cant believe school of rock, beat shaun of the dead for the best film, And the interview the guy done as acceptance, was just a dam right outrage.

If i would have had a P228 with me at the time the TV would have got double Tapped, just fortunate my BB gun doesnt break the screen.
Only those dim enough to call a premium rate line cast the 'People's Vote'. Speaks volumes about the results.

Wonder how long it will take Bliar to cotton on to this one...'If you wanna vote for real family values then dial 0900 BLIND PUGH now!'