British COIN training a joke

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rumpelstiltskin, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. From the US Marine Corps Times:

  2. bit of a snide cunt that bloke, isn't he?
  3. And the septics training is on the ball shoot first talk later pot calling kettle blake
  4. yank = cnut
  5. That's irrelevant, what is relevant is whether he's right or not?
  6. Are you 12 years old?
  7. 7 judging by the DoB. :wink:
  8. no mate. just honest. didn't realise making a mass generalisation made you 12.
    are you septic?
  9. This has been done here before. However the point was also made, which I do think is relevant.

    How far did the Coalition Authority hamstring British Operations in Southern Iraq by their intransigence and inefficiency?

    How far did Paul Bremners' actions go towards destabilising the British AoR?

    I'm thinking in terms of the fuel riots in Basra etc. There were Arrsers there at the time , who were close to this , perhaps they could comment with some authority
  10. No I'm not a septic, but I've served with some. They were good solid blokes, and I'd stand by them again.
  11. Although it's difficult to swallow, the fact remains that if he does indeed make a fair point then the problems need to be addressed without falling into septic-bashing mode.

    I think the point does need to made though that you actually have to fight battles in order to 'lose' them. That being the case, there are very, very few nations other than the US who are in any position to criticise Britain's performance.
  12. True. If we have to learn some lessons, even from the septics, then so be it. As long as we learn. We got to face facts, we can't always be better than everyone else.
  13. Sandhurst...."the British Army's rough equivalent...." How very dare he !
  14. I could've sworn that I sat through several days of COIN studies at JSCSC, rather than just a one-day thing for Majors.

    Or, more accurately, sat through both a stage of the ACSC on the subject and a bit more than a day on COIN for ICSC(L). As I don't recall Marston being there (although he may have been), he may not quite have understood that bit, and certainly missed the rather Maoist self-criticism that occurred...