British citizen living in Australia. Interested in Sandhurst

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Lewis5760, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. Hi,
    Title pretty much says it all. I'm 17 and have moved over to Aus in the last 5 months. I have been interested in becoming an officer in the household cavalry for some time now and I'd like to ask some questions.

    Firstly i know its recommended that you have a degree before apply to join Sandhurst. So if i was to take a course on political science here in Australia would that qualify me to join?
    GCSE wise i have two A's, four B's (Including English and Science) and two C's (maths and additional science). Is this up to the standards?

    Lastly would i be able to choose what regiment and role i wanted upon graduation from Sandhurst? I.e household cavalry.

    I've looked around a lot so any information on the questions I've asked would be much appreciated :)
  2. The commuting's going to kill you.
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  3. A degree is not a necessary pre requisite to attend RMAS but 85% of cadets are graduates these days. As for the Australian degree, I dont see why it would not "qualify you to join" GCSE wise you have good enough GCSEs to enter RMAS. You choose what role to apply for and they also choose you. ie just because you chose H CAV it does not mean you will get into H CAV.

  4. I suspect that you will find the pay and prospects far better in the Australian Army.

    Why don't you look at completing your degree at ADFA?
    You get an UNSW Degree,pay and no tuition fees and the return of service obligation is fairly short.
  5. Steer clear of Bulgaria, stay out of gyppo fights, and don't carry a knife.
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  6. Steer clear of dole bludgers in Brisbane as well!
  7. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    However it swings, for god's sake don't forget to greet your new CO with the eternally friendly "G'day, mate", the phrase by which you will have recently lived.

    He's is undoubtedly bound to welcome you with open arms.
  8. Just out of curiousity, roughly what percentage of Australian Army officers are ADFA grads? Also, are most of those who go through the full RMC Duntroon course graduates from other universities?
  9. Roughly half from ADFA, and many (most?) of the rest are grads from other unis. Also keep in mind that RMC entry is open to much older [ahem!] errr ... more mature candidates than is Sandhurst. Many of those are grads.

    RMC also takes in soldiers from ARA & ARes, I've served with a few, but I've no idea what the percentages might be.
  10. Hey mate been in this boat but reverse, British citizen lived 9 years in Australia before coming over here to apply. No issues with application and all that, I did TEE in Western Australia, it's called somethign else now, but equates to your A levels for year 11 and 12 in Aus.

    Which if you're 17 you're doing. Job's done. They recognise the quals over here so don't worry about it :) Apply away! Though remember as you're a british citizen you can only apply on british soil. Which means you can't get started till you've touched down here in blighty. Unlike all the Aussies though someone told me the overseas office is closed or something. Meh irrelevant to you either way.