British Citizen Faces Extradition To U.S.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by YANK60, Nov 27, 2009.

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  1. He is accused of hacking into 97 Navy and NASA computers in '01, and faces a possible life sentence if convicted. Normally I would take a hard stance on this, but there appear to be some mitigating factors here. He claims to have been looking for info on UFO's. Although he may be computer savvy, he supposedly suffers from a disorder related to autism. In this case I don't see anything wrong with the prosecution being handled in the UK. LINK
  2. See here :wink:
  3. I'll bet it was all a big adventure for him when he a hacking went. And now its all gone pear shaped he is mentally ill and snivelling like a child. If he really is mentally ill, get him off to the US double quick and let them treat him in the jail of their choice. If it saves the Nashunole elf a bob or two I am all for it.
  4. So having a disability means the law does not apply to him?

    He was fully aware that what he was doing was against the law. It really doesnt matter what he was looking for he shouldnt have been doing it in the first place.
  5. I see I was beaten to the punch.
  6. The bloke was using a dial-up connection and 'hacked' their systems by guessing passwords.
  7. uh oh, there a failure in the credibility continuum down in these parts. He "'hacked' their systems by guessing passwords". Yeah! Oh just a mo, I will just hack into the National Lottery site and award myself next Saturdays prize as I seem to have correctly guessed Camelot's passwords. Strong smell of fusty old tramps bollocks about all that.
  8. Yes, I would hope that our security protocols are better than that. And I still say it could be handled over there. If he were a terrorist and not a loon it would be a different matter. There's something else going on behind the scenes. Some sort of deal unrelated to this case.
  9. Aha I see that you also recognise the fusty smell of tramps (hobo's if thats the correct verm these days) balls. :wink:
  10. Well, the passwords WERE "Nimitz" and "Shuttle" in 2001, now they are respectively "Tailgate" and "Insulation" or so some hacker told me yesterday from Anglia.
  11. Does this really sound like he was looking for UFO's?;
    He left a message in one of the Pentagon's computer's saying “U.S. foreign policy is akin to government-sponsored terrorism these days . . . It was not a mistake that there was a huge security stand-down on September 11 last year. . . I am SOLO. I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels.”

    Also, I'm sure a US prison would be able to cater for his needs just as well as a British prison could. The US government have even stated that if he is deported they will place him in a psychiatric hospital where he can be given treatment.

    Also, the US did try and offer a plea bargain to Mckinnon giving him a very short sentence and after serving 6 months to a year in a US prison he would be deported back to the UK to serve out the remainder of his sentence.

    I don't have too much sympathy for him really, it seems to me after studying his case that he is using his syndrome as a shield to help him receive a more lenient sentence in the UK after realizing he made a mistake in carrying out proceedings against the US after the plea bargain.
    However, I does highlight lapses which really shouldn't have been present in US security, god knows what the our (UK) systems like.
  12. You'd hope, but they weren't. He literally dialled in and guessed a couple of passwords. What's worse is he was only caught because he tried doing it during office hours, and somebody noticed the cursor on their screen moving.
  13. I admit I didn't see all that in the articles I read. That casts things in a different light, but I still don't think it rises to a level that justifies an extradition, expensive trial and possible incarceration at our expense. I expected the opposite response on this forum. Look, he committed the crime in your jurisdiction. Take away the mong's computer and slap an ankle bracelet on him.
  14. Do you have a link for this?

  15. Here

    Although, he gives a different account in his interview with the Guardian in 2005 - and it's probably more accurate. It also seems he got up to a bit more than guessing passwords, though still not super-hacker stuff. Link here.