British Chinook in Arizona Training Mishap

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Apr 8, 2012.

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  1. Seven personnel were injured in the mishap.I wish them a speedy recovery.

    7 injured in military helicopter mishap in Arizona - Yahoo! News

    EL CENTRO, Calif. (AP) — A British Chinook helicopter suffered a "mishap" Saturday during a landing exercise in the Arizona desert, leaving seven people with minor injuries, a military spokeswoman said.

    The crew was practicing how to land the aircraft 15 miles northeast of Yuma when "something went wrong," said Michelle Dee, a spokeswoman for Naval Air Facility El Centro in California.

    The people aboard the Chinook had non-life-threatening injuries and were sent to the hospital for evaluations as a precaution. Dee said she didn't know how many people were aboard the aircraft or their nationalities.

    The helicopter sustained damage but Dee said she didn't know the extent.

    The cause of the landing problem was under investigation.

    The Chinook was operating out of the naval base in California's Imperial Valley. The facility hosts allied troops throughout the year for training over the California-Arizona border because the area's craggy mountains and hot, dusty conditions are similar to Afghanistan's harsh environment. The clear weather also allows for constant flying.

    In February, seven Marines were killed when two helicopters crashed in midair during a routine exercise over the Yuma Training Range Complex.

    The Yuma County Sheriff's office didn't immediately return a call for comment.
  2. At least it got down ok & safely.
  3. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Agreed. Not normally something that can be said about helicopters when something goes wrong. Suspect the seats might need a good clean though.

    [tinfoil hat] Although its worrying that an F/A-18 went down the same weekend. Terry has inflitrated!!! [/tinfoil hat]
  4. I thought quite often auto rotate can get a heli down even when a lot goes wrong, something that planes don't benefit from. Glad the guys are "ok".
  5. was it the 3.10 ?
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  6. Did they heroically narrowly avoid a schoolyard full of young children, or a OAP home or somesuch?
  7. Just to confirm as this happened in the American desert, the British Chinook is not a type of Native American tribe who hit a lamp post out whilst drink driving? Just curious like.
  8. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    I saw what you did there...

  9. IIRC, after the Chinook crashed on the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland, the MoD claimed it couldn't be a mechanical fault because the Chinook was designed to GLIDE to earth even in the event of complete engine failure. As "Mull of Kintyre" and "MoD telling the truth" are mutually exclusive concepts......
  10. Good job Blair isn't still in, you might have been found with your wrists slit for posting that.
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