British Casualty in Assault on Musa Qala

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HEINZ-57, Dec 8, 2007.

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  1. Sad news reporting on Sky News British soldier killed from 2nd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment whilst on Ops to take Musa Qala, Rest in Peace.
  2. RIP mate.

    2nd Batt Yorks.
  3. RIP my friend.
  4. RIP Soldier
  5. RIP. You died fighting for Queen and Country.
  6. RIP.
  7. RIP
  8. RiP mucker and speedy recovery to those injured.,,30200-1296257,00.html

    British Soldier Killed In Afghanistan
    Updated:21:26, Saturday December 08, 2007

    A British soldier has been killed in an attack on a Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed.

    Incident in Helmand ProvinceNext of kin have been informed.

    The trooper from the 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment died in an assault on the Taliban-controlled town of Musa Qalain in Helmand Province.

    Militants took over in February, four months after British troops left the town following a peace agreement that gave security responsibilities to Afghan elders.

    Taliban fighters have been in control of the town ever since.

    British troops were inserted into the outskirts of the town by helicopter ahead of an operation spearheaded by the Afghan army.

    The latest push had been widely expected after leaflets were dropped warning of an imminent assault and urging local elders to force the Taliban out themselves.

    The MoD confirmed the death in a statement, but would not release any further details about the circumstances.

    It means 86 British soldiers have been killed during the current conflict in Afghanistan - 60 of them in fighting.
  9. Another fallen comrade
    Another dreaded knock on the door
    Another repatriation
    Another inconsolable family
    Another paragraph regarding our brave troops
    Another letter regarding our poor troops
    Another bluey home saying all is good
    Another day Labour spits on our honour
    Another day in hell for our heroes and heroines
    Another day politicians interfered and cut the budget
    Another repeat of line 1
    RIP dear hero and god bless your family
  10. Rest In Peace brave soul.

    My sincere condolences to those who grieve the loss of their loved one.
  11. RIP mate.

    Never be forgotten.
  12. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    Such a waste.