British Casualties Afghanistan 31/07-01/08 - Condolences


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God i hope it is just a reporting error. Afghan is not a place to be missing in...

RIP to all
RIP lads. Missing in Helmand isn't a good place to be.
RIP lads, hope the report of one missing is just bad admin by the press. As always our thoughts are with your families at this awful time.

Prayers that the missing are located safe and well.
RIP "We Will Remember Them"
RIP, and I hope to God that the missing lad is found safe soon.
Rest In Peace.

My sincere condolences to the loved ones of the dead soldiers, my best wishes for a full and fast recovery to the injured and my prayers that the missing soldier is found safe and unharmed. My thoughts are with all of their families at this horrible time.

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