British brigade of Islamists join Al-Qaeda in Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mora, Jun 4, 2006.

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  2. Have you joined them?


    Which one's you mora???
  3. I'd rather they went over to Iraq and died in a sunni vs shia, shia vs sunni, al queda vs anyone and actually go up against armed personel than be involved against attacks on civilians in this country.

    However, they're still all cnuts
  4. Israeli Air Force

  5. "British Brigade" Thes cnuts aren't and do not deserve the title "British" They are ignorant, third world, mediaeval tw@t scum. I hope they get shot to fcuk!
  6. Why can't the boys who wear the black covvies and anti-flash gear make them ''dissappear'' before they leave ??
  7. Canny team Howay The Lads! If they come back to this country they should be prosectuted for treason. Or given to the yanks at guantanamo.
  8. Can anyone remember the case of those 'British' muslims who went to Yemen with the intention of bombing the British Embassy compound and the main Anglican church?

    As soon as the Yemeni security services intercepted them they were making out that they were as British as getting glassed in a chain pub on Saturday night.

    Piss taking cnuts.
  9. I cannot possibly comment on the grounds that my reply could be construed as incitement to religious hatred and could result in a 7 year prison sentence. Which is 7 years more than they will get despite being treasonous Islamic terrorist scum who deserve a spot of 9mm re-education therapy... Still, it warms the cockles of my heart to see our fellow "citizens" celebrating the rich cultural diversity of UK as far afield as Iraq!

    As for Moras pic, I've never wanted to be a helicopter so much in my life!!!
  10. Hi Mora, always happy to pop in anywhere!
  11. I doubt many of these volunteers will ever again see the green fields of Britain. I suppose they might prove to be a problem in Basra should these folks appear in UK battle dress.
  12. I say we cut out the middle man and operate a shoot to kill policy in UK mainland.... its the way forward.
  13. Brigade of Islamists? Oh no, it's happening again, must grip imagination, flight of fancy cleared for take-off....the scene, Camel Guards Parade, Bradford. The impressively bearded (and turbanned) six feet of military precision hitches up his dish-dash, rams his pace stick into his armpit and (sandals flapping) marches across the parade ground. Slamming in his foot and nearly loosing a sandal in the process, he comes to a magnificent halt in front of the commanding mullah. "Peace be upon you, Garrison Sergeant Major" "And upon you sah...Brigade of Islamists ready for your inspection..sah!"

    The Bradford GSM falls in behind the mullah who proceeds to traipse along the lines of young muslim males. "Third man rear rank Mr Al Khomeini, dirty slippers, pantaloons slap-dash..." "Very good sir, take his name Sergeant Khan". Inspection complete, the mullah returns to the centre of the parade and turning to the GSM orders "Stand at Ease". The dress rehearsal for the Trooping of the Suicide Vest has begun auspiciously.

    Suddenly a subaltern faints. "GSM, I believe Mr Al Kalid missed breakfast this morning." "Yes sah..but we all did, it's Ramadan sir!"
  14. Is there a DVD of this stunnig sounding event and from what Airport does the plane leave to take them all to a freedom loving muslim country of their choice and can they take Martin McGuinness and Jerry Adams with them.and one ,more request can I wave them off with some rotten tomatoes