British born, overseas application

Hi all, first post here, after lurking for a good few months. I'm a 20 year old born in the UK, but moved to New Zealand when I was 9 (I'm a dual citizen). I've always been aiming to join the army, but I'm completing a degree in New Zealand first. However I now want to get out of the country as soon as possible and join the British Army.

If I were to get on a plane tomorrow to London, I would have about £5,000 and nowhere to live, no friends or family. I could apply for a minimum wage job to keep me going, but I imagine I wouldn't last long before my money ran out. If the first thing I do when I land is visit the recruiting office, how long would it take before I could start training?

I started an online application via the British Army website, but it says 'our facilities can't handle overseas applications at the moment, please apply in person'. Despite this, is there any way that I can begin my application over here?

Also, are there any career paths that I can chose to speed up the amount of time between application and training? Cheers for any help/advice.
Did you check the British Army website? Here from day one ,as in stepping in a ACIO office, until you finish the recruitment process, could be anything between 5-6 months depends, and is not work guarantee! Not sure how is on your part if you don have a UK address, however I believe if you do a search on here you might find more info, as I believe this subjects has been covered few times .The thing is ,after passing the ADCS, until you are given a starting date it all depends on what score and grade you have.Then, could be anything from couple months up to a year if no even more , but you might get a more accurate answer here. I wish you good luck !

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