British Battalion Day

Warm and Seasonal Greetings to those who know!

Happy British Battalion Day!!
Noting the activities of one of my Battalion's precedent regiments I return and share said felicitations.

You never stop learning do you?
It would be lovely to know that the PWRR Messes will be drinking a toast to 'The British Battalion' after their supper this evening. We used to...... and I shall do again tonight, albeit in the firelit snug of the Green Dragon!
mac247 said:
Thanks Queensman

I confess to being one of those ignorant lot who didn't know the history of the British Battalion.
Apologise not, my friend, for the fault is not yours. But now you know - please don't forget, and more importantly, pass it on and keep it alive!

It's 'little' things like this that sadly get lost as our once great army diminishes in size and its forebears fade into history. All through my service, we had the Nominal Roll of the British Battalion framed and hanging up in the Mess. I was always profoundly moved by this particular story, tragic in the extreme and ending in capture by the Japs at the fall of Singapore, but what an illustration of the stoicism and camaraderie of the British Soldier!

The web link is worth reading to the end.

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