British Aviators at Fort Rucker

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Chief_Two, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. Have any of you Brits trained at Fort Rucker? Interested to hear your views and experiences.
  2. Chief,

    There has been one (Brit) there as a trainer for the last 4 years, unless he has moved on.
    If you know anyone at Rucker, perhaps you could get in touch with him.

  3. I will make sure I go to Rucker if you are there. I will spend all day not saluting you. You never know, you might have to salute me.

  4. Cunt

    Been practicing your saluting in front of the mirror?
  5. I salute..... now and then, when I can be arssed, not americans though, they throw a fish up for you as an insult and still owe taxes from the Boston tea party!
  6. Silsoe

    It is a 2 year tour that can be extended to 3. I left June 05 after 3 years. The chap there now is only doing a 2 year tour.


    I was trained and I trained. Very large and very good sausage machine.

    I was saluted occasionally there, but only if i had a CW4 walking beside me.
  7. Jeeep,

    Glad to see you're back safe and sound, did you pick up another accent while you were there? ;)

  8. Jeep,

    I was thinking of someone else, who left Gutersloh in '02 and went to Rucker on a more permanent basis.

    Hope you enjoyed it there, but always nice to come home.......!!!
  9. Are you a Warrant Officer?
  10. Maybe about 50 years ago!

    Jeeep aint no Warrant anymore. ;)

    Plus he'd eat you for breakfast, Chief Two.
  11. And the he'd eat your breakfast as well!