British Aviation Mystery

I'm probably wrong, but I can recall a television documentary where a team, assisted by the Chilean army, went to look for the wreckage.

As I recall the aircraft hit a peak and ploughed down a gully.
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If you have flight sim 2004 there is a payware Lancastrian for you if you want to recreate the "Stardust" flight.

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Does the computer crash two hours into the flight?
Quite often in my experience yes, [ bye the way I haven't the Lancastrian so I am not making reference to that ] but my flight sim crashes a good bit, what I think the problem is that folder that flight sim sits in is about 80 gigs because I have a shed load of aircraft and add-ons, and whilst the commercial add-ons like e.g. better weather, better terrain etc add-ons are no doubt tested on the FS2004 I do not think they are tested all to work together. My favourite aircraft are the Lockheed Constellation and Boeing 727.

the Fsdzigns Connie is pretty terrific as it well up with best of the payware aircraft and its free!

Avro Tudor II

I only know quite a little about this airliner, as best as I can see it was a quality aircraft, which was unlucky in several respects: the DC4 and Constellation had the opportunity to iron out their bugs during the War years and gain an advance on British civilian airliner production, which basically had to start from scratch in the post-war World and my guess is the Avro Tudor was potentially quite as good as the two American prop liners and had it had greater support by e.g. the UK not diverting it modest resources to the over-complex Bristol Brabazon and the huge and pointless Saunders Roe Princess flying boat, the Tudor might have been up with the greats ie the DC-4/6/7 and Lockeed Constellation.

British South American Airways, which was operated by some of Britain's finest ex RAF World War 2 flightcrew , certainly thought it a superb aircraft and I do not think I would argue with that.

I would thorougly recommend this book
Air Disaster : The Propeller Era-US-
ISBN:187567148X (Paper cover book)
vol.4 Job, MacArthur /Publisher:Australian Aviation Published 2001/08

[nb I put up the oriental link for that book, because it is the best description of it, but any British bookshop can order this Australian book for you, as the publisher has a UK distributor ]
in fact every book in the "Air Disaster" series is excellent, there is not a great amount of detail about flying the Tudor in the above book, but there is excellent detail about the other aircraft and haveing the stuff about the Tudor in it is a nice bonus!

nb the book above has a section about a Tudor crash in Wales not the Bermuda and Jamaica losses

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