British Armys Worst Acronyms (BAWA)!

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Crusty(LE), Jul 8, 2005.

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  1. I am surprised that REMF has not appeared for those inhabitants of Carpet City

    PLONK for Potential Leaders of No Knowledge
  2. PYTHON...........PYTHON was leave granted after a certain number of years overseas.
    I know that LIAP was Leave in Advance of Python and LULAP was leave in leu of Python, my old AB64 is written 'started PYTHON tour' and date but I've never found out what PYTHON stands for?
    Yes I've heard most of the funnies but does any one know? :?
  3. Slightly o/t - when Kick Racism Out Of Football was in the news, I thought they were bound to come up with some cheesy acronym (KROOF?) but they didn't.

    So I came up with Keep All Football Free (of) Institutionalised Racism -KAFFIR.
  4. Apparently ASTOR had a Warrent Officer Ground Stations, but it was changed VERY quickly! 8O
  5. Medical acronyms can be a maze and a real pain.

    One that immediately springs to mind is: - PENIS: Practical Exercise Not Involving Soldiers.
  6. FLOB has been noted on the corners of some of the bumf that clogs up life.
    F*cking Load of Old B*llocks.
  7. What about CHAV?

    Coordinating High Altitude Vulcans.
  8. What we need here is a few LAMOAs - Longer And More Obscure Acronyms.
  9. my fav was the RAF PTI Officer and his parking spot (especially outside a station with a swimming pool for use by the wives and kids

    Physical Education Officer.......

    or PEdO