British Armys Worst Acronyms (BAWA)!

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Crusty(LE), Jul 8, 2005.

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  1. GBAD - Garage Based Air Defence

    RAP - Recognised Air Picture, which when working with other nations becomes the Combined Recognised Air Picture...
  2. RAMC.
    Run Away Matrons Coming
  3. Captain_Crusty

    Captain_Crusty War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I once had a BC who inexplicably decided that TEWT stood for Tactical Exercise With Troops - the CO seemed equally confused why he had turned up with 30 men "just in case".
  4. Oi, watch it!

  5. From Belize, the FATWO - Force Ammunition Technician Warrant Officer. Particularly apt when 'Frumpy T' was there.
  6. I always thought TEWT stood for Talking Excessively Without Thinking?

    On another note, whilst it has been pointed out already that the Infantry do FISH, I've heard that the Cav use FISHY, (Fighting In Someones House, Yarh).
  7. I know it's not an acronym but it got me remembering we had a club at my first posting called the Headless Chicken and Flatspoon Society. We had a plastic chicken head that I never held but I think the leader did, and we all had to carry around a beaten flat spoon with the club emblem engraved on it. Symbolically it represented our OC and the uselessness of the unit we served with at the time.
  8. I do now have some relevant input from a conference the other day where a senior officer briefed on the composition of UK Theatre Tps, that one of the units in one of it's Brigades is a volunteer unit from London called the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY)! The guy to my right joked that it was being considered to be called Casualty Unit Nursing Team but I think he'd just made it up!
  9. When 9 Signal Regiment in Cyprus was still in existence, the internal telephone directory was a joy to read during boring nights on duty.
    COO - Civilian Ops Offr
    DOO - Duty Ops Offr
    MOO- Military Ops Offr
    SOO - Station Ops Offr (Not to be confused with SOO - Senior Ops Offr)

    These went on for at least 4 pages and each and every one had an Assistant so you had
    ACOO, ADOO, AMOO, ASOO etc etc (I must admit, I was that ADOO)
    and just to make it even better, each one had a deputy,
    DCOO, DMOO, DSOO but really loved DDOO.
    I never know if someone comes up with the initials and tries to fit titles to it or has the titles and tries to make them sound really naff.
  10. When giving orders for an Infantry patrol (light role) Transport will be LPCs

    Leather Personnel Carriers
  11. I had no desire to join & wear the T shirt of the TA Rifle Team...TART across the shoulders is a look only Gok Wan could love!
  12. That would be the CRAP then, but isnt that the FFL's pathfinder team? I have no idea what it translates to mind.....
  13. When guys were awaiting trade cses at the Royal School of Signals, they got called Communicators Undergoing No Training.

    1 (UK) ADSR CO on Telic 1 was called Commanding Officer (Communications) Kuwait.
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Actually the frogs eventually got wise to the fact that their language was never going to become the lingua franca of the planet and realised every other cnut was laughing their tits off at the acronym, so they renamed le CRAP (Commando de Renseignement et d'Action Profondeur) the GCP (Groupement de Commandos Parachutistes.)
    It is, and was, part of 11eme DP (11 PARA Div) of the army rather than being a unit of the LE, although the selection has been open to anyone in their armed forces.

    Read about the real hard ops by CRAP here. ;)
  15. Ha after a couple of months of the FATWO arriving, I do recall him running past his winged and badged up OC on a long run shouting, "C'mon Sir pull your f**ing finger out, your getting whupped on a run in front of your whole Sqn by the f**king FATWO!"

    As I recall, the OC didn't share his FATWO's sense of humour - cue a mention of 'innapropriate humour' on the FATWO's next CR. Still, thanks to a decent tour report, the FATWO managed to come off the next board.