British Armys elite IT Security Unit

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by adastra, Sep 4, 2005.

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  1. Hardcore stuff this - surely an OpSec breach.

    Shame these spooks are now compromised and out in the open. I'll have to forget I read it.
  2. An interesting article, but it was discussed on Arrse a while ago Infosec Article Thread

    Not like 591 SU to be slow on the uptake.... :lol:
  3. Yeah switch on!

    I posted it - I'm an Info Systems person not a Security bod. Where does the crossover lie eh? I dunno, I'm only the messenger.
  4. The article was a bit one sided, any one would think he was an American with the 'I went, I did everything on my own, and won' attitude. There were other units there 'doing their thing' but as they are regulars with a sense of propriety, havent been hanging off the rafters shouting about it.
  5. Isn't that article about Land Information Assurance Group (V) - a Territorial Army specialist unit?
  6. It seem the army still has to gather it's shorcomings from civvy street. I doubt that serving soldiers would have the skills and know how to operate in such a role, and if they did, just how much practice would they get in peacetime?
  7. Yes
  8. wouldn't know :lol:

    Had to do some 'investigative' programming a while back when the RAF techs couldn't sort out a routing problem. Piggy backing the link from station to station - was undected until our support manager told em what was happening
  9. Of course I am not worthy for NOT spending every minute of my waking day attending to such matters of national import, such as CR's latest edict on the Army Rumour Service.

    I have not been able to reply until now due to a severe anxiety attack, following the reallisation that I was not wired in to the Int Corps Chain of Command ( www branch). Please rest assured that I have sought contrition and most of last week was spent in retreat at Amport House.

    My humble offering is to resurect the AISU thread, IAW CRs Intelligence Corps Internet Information Notice (ICIIN) on the topic of Archaeology
    Posted: 26 Oct 2006 15:19

    I appreciate that as a member of the junior service, that has no experience in intelligence matters* I will not be worthy of a structured response of your customary collective eloquence.

    Like others I only look forward to the day when the Intelligence Corps assumes it's rightful place running JARIC, RAF Digby, RAF Brawdy and DEC ISTAR.

    I hope that by now that DD has had the answer to his question re 234567 MI Sect (AISU) and reallises that they are now the darlings of the Offensive and Defensive IO world, who want for nothing and are certainly not another body shop for morribund deployments

    * I am now reliably informed that the imagery that indicated the presence of the 10th SS Panzer Division at Arnhem and the V1 test facility at Peenemunde was taken by an Intelligence Corps Lysander.

    The photography of the "Gerat" at Bruneval was taken from from St Martin's Plain camp with a 720 inch lens by a JNCO on the Int Corps Long photography course
  10. That would be 'paradigm' - unless you mean American coins have been sent on a jumps course?
  11. You said it... :wink:

    And don't even get me started on the fact that this was posted previously to your post.

    Classic school boy error! :roll:
  12. I get sick of telling people this, and it's probably picky, but.....

    LIAG(V) are not an IT security unit; they are part of G6 and they are responsible for information assurance. There is a big difference if you have ever been involved in either of the two jobs.

    There is only one mandated IT Security unit in the British Army (so long as you don't include all the private little empires that have been set up over recent years in most theatres). It is Int Corps, and they don't need to prostitute themselves to the media like a bunch of big girl's blouses to look hard and important, because everyone knows that they're the best already. That's why they get all the really important jobs (when the Bn training cycle allows, obviously). I am talking of course about The Unit Formerly Known As AISU.

    Here endeth the lesson.

    You can tell I'm getting out soon, can't you?
  13. Sorry to dissapoint you but 591 SU is NOT an army unit.
  14. Get your coat, you've pulled big lad! :D