British army win world defence force rugby

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Outstanding, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. British Army beat Australian Combined Services in Auckland 72 -16 -- Woop woop!
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  2. Well done lads...
  3. We are world champions!! World cup!!..
  4. That's a massive victory. Bodes well for April!!!
  5. Steady...Your getting a bit ahead of yourself there me thinks ;-)
  6. Fantastic effort
  7. No mate we won thw whole competition - the final was The Reds Vs Australia CS and we won The Cup!!
  8. And that little jolly cost how much?
  9. Possibly a damn lot cheaper than the English National Rugby team ;-)
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  10. Quite correct but 42 blokes out of circulation for over a month?
  11. oh get a grip western, the ******* world is still rotating despite the "war", thousands of serving guys will get a tremendous morale boost from the victory, those 42+ guys will be fitter and return to their units with a bit of a swagger, well worth a great deal less, than spent on politician swans in and about over the last 10+ years.
  12. Over emotional nonsense.
  13. I bet they never went to the pub and kissed girls during their stay in NZ.......:)

    Well done.
  14. Thus spake Western - A man who clearly knows the cost of everything and the value of absolutely nothing.
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  15. Another individual who posts meaningless drivel. What is your point?