British Army wants Ninpo life skills?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by artois, Aug 3, 2008.

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  1. Someone's been sexing up their martial art club...

    It's on Fuma Ryu's forum

    Background reading on its website

    Anyone know about this?!
  2. First what the hell are nimpo life skills?
    Second, I doubt very much the cadets would have anything to do with any sort of unarmed combat.
  3. Hand to gland combat the main activity at that age!
  4. "Ninjutsu (忍術, Ninjutsu?) sometimes used interchangeably with the term ninpō (忍法, ninpō?) is the martial art, strategy, and tactics of unconventional warfare and guerilla warfare practiced by the shinobi (also commonly known outside of Japan as the ninja)"

    I somehow doubt this is being taught to cadets or anyone in the British Army other than on a private, unofficial basis.
  5. Hmmmm in Japan, students of this art are considered a bit "off the wall".

    Even those who study the better known classical arts of kenjutsu, kyudo etc are viewed as a touch eccentric, though not in a disrespectful way.

    Please don't tell me we're going to see another ninja boom like we had in the 80's.

    Walt central I'm afraid. Well researched Ex-Stab :D
  6. Ninpo = the Martial Arts equivlent of Airsoft. :roll:

    However, I do see the logic behind this; given the lack of weapons, ammo etc, it's only a matter of time before troops in the Stan are reduced to beating Terry to death with thier bare hands. Also, Ninja Throwing Stars can be re-used after the battle - much more cost-efficient than all those expensive bullets! :D
  7. That ninja boom spawned a classic movie though... :D
  8. B@STARD!!! :evil:

    I had managed to repress all memories of that abomination!

    Still, at least you did'nt mention Sho Kosugie...the Horror! The Horror! 8O
  9. Forgot about all that tosh matelot :D

    Some of the movies were so bloody awful.

    Anyone remember "The Master" (I think it was) with Lee Van Cleef and Sho Kosugi was always the baddie in the ninja movies.

    edited to add; sorry Frank only saw your post after I'd posted mine snigger :D
  10. Sadly true - As those few good instructors have either switched to another martial art/the MMA world/ or threw the towel in.

    I went to a class in the North West a few weeks back to consider knocking the dust off my limited knowledge... Oh my word it was being running by The High Lord Walt himself. Shame really!
  11. politics of ninjitsu is very very complex and tedious
    ranges from several teachers who are respected marital artists who fell out and went there separate ways.
    to total fraudsters like ashida kim
    mostly harmless
    though the utube annual ninja parade is a must :twisted:
  12. It was indeed The Master, with The Bad himself, LVC. Oh, how the mighty had fallen; it was painful to watch an actor who had appeared in two of the most iconic Westerns in history dress up in a silly black suit and mask, so they could substitute a stunt-double half the man's age for the fight scenes. :roll:

    However, I feel obligated to dig up the ultimate horror from that time...Ninja Mission! Starring a cast of SWEDISH Ninjas!!

    I remember watching this, much in the same way one is unable to look away from a car-crash. And shouting at the screen: "FFS - you're descended from the fcuking VIKINGS! Have some self-respect, for Thor's sake!" 8O 8O
  13. You mean none of you had "YOUNGER BROTHERS/COUSINS/CHILDREN" etc that happened to be watching a certain film whilst you were in the room.

    "Three ninja kids comin atcha"
  14. Frank wasn't there something on Sky/Virgin recently called "Ninja Combat Academy" or some such nonsense?

    I never watched it (honestly!!!) but I remember seeing the "coming soon" ads on cable.

    Anyone remember "Viking Combat" martial art from the 80's? Run by the master walt himself Brian Dosset of "Spirit Combat"

    FFS!!!!! :x :?

    edited for walt spelling
  15. Oh,'s all coming back now! "Shields" made out of dustbin lids and padded nunchuka! 8O :lol:

    TBH, anything with "Ninja" in the title has me reaching for the remote. It's one of the Golden Rules...

    1)Never watch a movie/tv series with the word Ninja in the title.

    2)Never invade Russia in the Winter.

    3)Never invade Vietnam or Israel at ANY time.

    4)Never play cards against a man named Doc.

    5)Never sh@g a women with bigger mental health problems than you have.