The TA SS thread got me mulling over the alleged nicknames given to WW2 units - 'Yellow Devils', 'Red Devils' etc? Has anybody ever actually heard an aged German or Italian say those words when refering to a British unit? We Brits were bigging it up! Surely.......?!

Be interesting to know of anymore pukka ones. Different period, but I was particularly taken with the Life Guards nickname during the Napoloeonic war:

Still seems rather apt! :D
It was the Germans that gave the name to the paratroopers The Red Devils. It was not becuase of the Beret it was due to the red desert dust that coated them when they attacked the Germans with such ferocity
A certain Scottish Regiment is sometimes known as Razors, Hammers and Flick-knives. God help the Taliban next year, there won't be a poppy left...

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