British army uniforms worn in 1970s

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by troopermorgan, Mar 25, 2006.

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  1. Hi chaps...........

    Has anyone got any pics of british troops in Northern Ireland during 1970s!!!!!!!!!!

    im trying to find any uniforms from that time anyone know any surplus shops!!!


    Mogs 68 :lol:
  2. Typical working dress at that time (not specifically NI) was:

    Boots, DMS
    Puttees, Khaki (Officers wore lighter versions)
    Trousers, Lightweight
    Shirt, KF
    Pullover, Woollen, Olive Drab (without epaulettes)(sometimes modified with a pen pocket on the left sleeve)
    Jacket, DPM, Temperate
    Beret (or regimental alternative)

    Trousers, DPM, Temperate were generally reserved for exercises, but even so, Lightweights were usually worn in preference as they dried faster.

    Webbing was 58 pattern, the helmet was steel (the shorter part of the rim is the front), gloves were green woollen (padded black leather in NI).

    Personal weapons were SLR or SMG, Browning 9mm pistols usually only carried by officers. The section machine gun was GPMG (LMG with a few units).

    The respirator was the S6.

    Trouser twists weren't available, so the trouser legs were tucked up using either elastic bands, lengths of thick elastic, the rubber waterproof seals from mortar bomb containers or Hoover belts.

    Cam cream came in a plastic pouch and was a dark brown (almost black).

    Vehicle number plates were in the format two numbers, two letters, two numbers. The first letter would have been either E or F if new.

    Most of this clothing should be available from the likes of Silvermans though you may have difficulty getting the right pullovers and DPM stuff.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The kit I was issued in 1981 was the same, I still have pictures. The only difference between the 1983 tour of West Belfast and our previous 1979 tour was boots were NI patrol replaced by BCH. Body armour was the late Vest Fragmentation with 2 shoulder pads and no zip replaced by INIBA. apart from that the kit in camp was the same, early riot visors for the 1944 pattern helmet were replaced by the Cromwell helmet, the Baton Gun was the webley and not the federal!
  4. My kit in 74 and 76 was Steel Lobster pot helmet 8O . Ex US Marine Corps issue flakjacket, 66 issue pattern DPM combats ( Best yet in my view) with OG alternate lightweight trousers, dms boots and puttees and 58 webbing pieces. SLR, SMG, LMG, Baton gun with plastic ammo, ferking big stick. Vehicles that we moved about in, depending on the area and level of violence, Saracen, L/Rover with macralon blast armour, ferret and Humber Pig, We also made full use of the Scout Helicopter, in Armagh and Tyrone. * Sorry, nearly forgot the bunker on yer back, A41 set!
  5. First tours in Ulster (1970) saw us in green combat suits and webbing gaiters.
    My Bn were issued the prototype of the kevlar helmet For trials in NI during an 18 month tour in 1975-1976. It was not good, the design of the helmet when wearing a flak jacket rendered firing from the prone position almost impossible - absolutely so when wearing the S6!
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I can get you the 1960 pattern combat jacket in DPM pattern. Same style as the green combat suit but quite scarce. PM me with your size. Resi bag would have been the first P '58 pattern and probably first pattern P '58 webbing. I think I can help there too.
  7. Sad that I remember this but I bought my first pair of twisters in the NAAFI in 1975. They were called "Hook on boot bands" and pretty much identical to current twisters. That said elastic bands were the most common thing for tucking your lightweights with.
  8. That's about right. I remember using strong knicker elastic (obtained by raiding my mum's sewing box) for the bottom of my trousers until the mid to late-70s.

    The DPM combats didn't reach everyone until the mid-70s. I wore the light green combats for a considerable time.

  9. I am now not far from pension age, am a sad militarised civvie and I still wear my issue 66 patern combat jacket. It,s like an old friend! I still say it was and still is the best DPM combat jacket issued.
  10. Cheers all! really greatful............

    how many different combats dpm were there say from the end of ww2 till the 1990s/


    Mogs 68
  11. Not many until the 70's. Until then most combat uniform (as opposed to BD) was OG (aka denims); paras were an exception. From the late 70's, a new version seemed to appear every week, though this is probably more to do with different manufacturers rather than different specifications
  12. Dont forget the issue tash and side burns , i wish Beckam would grow a tash
    so they became the fashion again .
  13. I have my fathers smocks, why do you want to know?
    They are in shite state but I may be willing to sell them to you :lol:
  14. I have my fathers smocks, why do you want to know?
    They are in shite state but I may be willing to sell them to you :lol: