British Army Training Afghans

It is clear that British NCOs will leave an indelible impression on their charges.

“When the Americans trained us as soldiers it was quite easy,” Obeidullah Rahimi, 23, a section commander, said. “Then the British trained us as NCOs and it was very hard. They were tough with us and always told us what we were doing wrong.

“When we heard that we were going back to the British for another course, many of us said: ‘Oh no, not them again. They shout all the time. We’ll never forget it.’ ”,,3-801997,00.html


Mr Happy

Any chance of you pasting that article so those of us that don't want to sign up to yet anothing fckin internet site with password and login with yet another goddam stupid format can see what these battle hardened warriors of the desert don't like about Brit instructors.

"Acky, these Englishmen are stupid, they've told me to clean my AK47, I have never cleaned my weapon in 20 years of fighting the Russians and the Taliban"

"It's worse than that you fool, you've got to clean it every day with womans washing up pads!"
I'd rather not land arrse with a copyright lawsuit....

Anyway, why not just use the username: arrse and password: arrse on everything? That way only the first person who reads the article needs nay hassle.

msr's link at the top has just worked first time for me without having to negotiate any logon procedure.

Of course the Army have done this sort of thing before
and I'm sure with IiP and the SAT cycle now well in train, there will be plenty of INVALs and EXVALS to refer back to :wink:

I think that The Times requires a login if you are not in the UK.

With regard to the article posted by Mr. Happy, sometime ago I read an item in the Times about the SAS training of the Afghan's during the 80's and apparently to keep the Afghan's entertained they played old black and white westerns, only problem was they kept on cheering the indians :lol:

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