British Army Top Trumps

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by THE_EDITOR, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. I have heard that there is about to be a British Army set of Top Trumps Cards which will be sold to raise money for the AFGHAN APPEAL FUND

    It only as 30 or so cap badges in it with details provided by the regiments who feature so there are a few embarrassing claims (Gunners watch out)


    Watch out for their arrival and dig deep to buy lots


  2. What categories will they be using? Can I suggest:

    - Ally rating
    - Alcohol tolerance
    - Pulling ability
    - Nails rating
    - Skiffablility
    - Tattooedness
    - Number of men in the regiment who can fit 20 pound coins in their foreskin and drink a pint of vomit whilst singing "Two German Officers".
  3. I thought this was something about the Trump hotels being requisitioned as new accommodation instead of the mouldy, fallen down rubbish jokingly passed off as barracks fit for heroes <cough>

  4. lolololol good one :D and how true :lol:
  5. Perhap you could merge them with these "dictator cards" to form a regeime change top trumps; chuck in a couple of us and uk politicians and fun for all the family
  6. Hey we need one with the Corps on it not just a few inf and cav Bns and the gunners pretending to be one or the other - :)