British Army Top Trumps - the Cav are there !!

Discussion in 'RAC' started by THE_EDITOR, Oct 1, 2007.

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  2. `Who Shall Seperate Us`............anybody got a crow-bar or a bucket of cold water?

    Is this a New Labour motto or what! :twisted:
  3. Are the RDG based in UK?

    I thought they were in BFG.
  4. Have i gotta buy the pack to check them out or can i see them online somewhere ?? Have googled but damn, cant find owt
  5. The packs will soon be widely available. Already on the National Army Museum, ( , Amazon and Top Trumps websites. Soon WH Smith, Tescos and Woolies.

    Is RDG due to return to UK soon? In that case the card may only be currently incorrect.

    A plea for help: I was involved in their creation and trying to juggle data on 30 units has resulted in a few errors/typos despite going through 8 draft versions before pressing the "print" button. We can and will amend further print runs as necessary so please flag up glitches like that mentioned above - ooops! :oops:
  6. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    You'll have to give us sneak previews of all the other RAC cards and all the detail, not snipped off partway through the data cos we cannot only find glitches on the RDG. The vast majority of us never served with them (Huzzah!!!).
  7. But that would remove any sneakiness at all! They're only £2.99 a pack and even if there are mistakes in the first run, each pack that's sold raises money for charities. :D I gather some folk collect Top Trumps - perhaps the first run with all its errors will be worth a bob or two in the future! :wink:
  8. Please dont tell me that the RDG are the only rep for the Armoured Corps,
  9. The full list of Units featured is:
    1 Gren Gds
    1 IG
    1 Lancs
    1 PWRR
    1 R IRISH
    1 REGT AAC
    1 RIFLES
    1 RRF
    1 SCOTS
    1 SG
    16 REGT RA
    2 R WELSH
    2 RGR
    22 SAS
    29 CDO REGT RA
    3 PARA
    3 REGT AAC
    3 RHA
    4 RIFLES
    47 REGT RA
    5 SCOTS
    7 PARA RHA
    3 YORKS
  10. Tenere,

    Okay so thats the first 30, any plans to include the rest of the Army?

    Would say should just rename them Infantry top trumps but 2 & 3 Mercian may get upset to name but two.

    Not a rant merely a question as anything that sells the Army in a better light is fine by me and sure a pack or two will end up in my ankle biters Xmas collection the donation to charity is spot on.
  11. I hear what you say - Unfortunately, we were limited to 30 cards in the first pack as that's what fits in the plastic cases and is the "traditional" number.

    We tried to divvy up the no's of infantry, artillery and cav cards in proportion to the no. of regular battalion-sized units they have. However, the infantry have come out slightly ahead and the gunners behind.

    In the end the market will decide whether Packs 2, 3 etc appear - we've certainly already got the info for alot of the units. So those packs for the Xmas stockings will swell the charity coffers and increase the chances of sequel packs.


  12. OK, So the Sappers are not part of the British Army then? :x
  13. The full pack name is "Fighting Units of the British Army" - hence infantry and cav. At the risk of causing upset, for the largely pre-teen market of Top Trumps, "Teeth Arm" has been extended to include the Gunners (I know, I know).

    The teeth arm units do lend themselves more easily to the Top Trumps format and the categories used - especially when trying to compare like sized unit to like sized unit.

    Hopefully, depending on sales, other packs and units can appear.

  14. So the RDG are one of the lower ranked cards then