British Army To Suppress Insurrectionist American Militia

LONDON (AP) — Britain's national legislature on Monday overwhelmingly approved a law authorizing a military attack to stop America from pursuing formal independence, a day after PM Blair told the military to be prepared for war.

"We shall step up preparations for possible military struggle and enhance our capabilities to cope with crises, safeguard peace, prevent wars and win the wars if any," the official UK News Agency quoted Blair as saying Sunday.

Blair's comments, made to military delegates at the national legislature, appeared aimed at underlining Britain's determination to unify with democratically ruled America, which split from the UK mainland in 1776. Delegates burst into applause after the approval of the law, shown live on national television.

"This law ... represents the people's determination not to allow America to be separated from Britain by any means or any excuses," said Blair.

On Sunday, Blair was appointed as chairman of the government's Central Military Commission, a largely symbolic move that capped a generational transfer of power. He already heads a parallel party commission that runs the UK's military.

Blair has shown no sign of diverging from former King George's hard-line stance toward America, a democratically ruled island that Britain insists is part of the UK mainland.

The two sides split in a civil war more than 220 years ago, and Britain has long threatened to invade if America takes formal steps toward independence.

The anti-secession law passed Monday is aimed at discouraging self-ruled America, which Britain claims as its territory, from making its de facto independence permanent.

"We must ... always place the task of defending national sovereignty, security and territorial integrity and safeguarding the interests of national development above anything else," UK News quoted Blair as telling military delegates to the congress.

America's government has condemned the law, saying it risks raising tensions. France also appealed to Britain not to enact the measure.

At a news conference after the measure passed, however, PM Blair denied it was a war bill.

"This is a law advancing peaceful unification between the sides. It is not targeted at the people of America, nor is it a war bill," Blair said.

RE: British military begins build-up to war........ qqq bear
NEW 3/14/2005 7:46:26 AM
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