British Army to receive 50 Panthers by 2007 ... but why?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Doug97, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. British Army to receive 50 Panthers by 2007

    But at a cost of £413,000 ($721,000) EACH, are these really the best for the job? Especially when there's a MUCH cheaper armoured Land Rover available (Defender DAS).

    Perhaps all is not as it seems ...

    A dark and murky tale
    Can people tell me why it's so expensive, and whether they think it's good value for money, considering the limited funds of the British Army? Is the Land Rover really that bad?
  2. Had a play (sit in - play with gizmos) with one at ATDU last year, seemed to be a fair bit of kit. Like the bastard offspring of a HMMVW and Rover on steroids. There's lots of clever techie kit, but seems to be little scope for back to basics use if everything fails.

    I did like the roof mounted GPMG with commander's aiming screen and joystick control.
    "Hey-uh, it's jus' like bein' in a moovie" :lol:

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  3. But they're half a million quid each! Think how many brand new armoured Land Rovers can you buy for that ...
  4. Far be it from me to cast rumours about oul lords and masters in defence procurement...........however maybe a teeny weeny bit of palm greasing has taken place. The price of one of these vehicles seems to be astronomical in comparison to an armoured version of a L/R.

    As Operator said, if something goes t*ts up you are in the smelly stuff very quickly.

    I stand ready to be corrected. Out :roll:
  5. Whether it is the right vehicle or not is not really the point! Again we see corruption and conspiracy in the world of Defence Procurement. The MOD is being used as a pawn to appease America, Europe and a number of Arab states. Sadly we never get anything in return for our efforts (unless you count the kit getting worn out and expensively but badly replaced and soldiers have to work harder to bring it all together).
  6. I read elsewhere that the British Army is getting an extra £1.3 billion. Anyone know what else it's getting spent on?
  7. msr

    msr LE


  8. Don't take this as sticking up for the choice of vehicle - frankly I wouldn't know if its great or shite. However any argument should be founded on PANTHER's role as a recce vehicle, effectively to replace CVR(T) in certain roles, not SNATCH; even though it does look like a 'rover on steroids. How much is a CVR(T) worth at today's prices?
  9. Using those figures, I make the cost of each vehicle to be £350,000 which is a little cheaper than £413,000! But there may be hidden costs elsewhere.

    Please remember that headline figure will include support costs for x years or y,000 miles where x and y are complete guesses of utilisation by the DPA. We will have bought sufficient spares for up to 10 years (or something like that). The company will also be training the drivers and providing the publications and tools; and these costs soon mount up. And the company has to promise to support the vehicle for its in-service life....

    We always knew this was an Italian vehicle, but I thought it was going to be built in this country by Alvis.

    I agree with the comments about a Jeep on steroids; these things go like hell. They are well armoured and one early concern has been addressed with the provision of the weapon. I hope that the integration of Bowman has been completed. The vehicle in which I travelled was fitted with a GIS system that was very impressive!

    I am willing to bet this vehicle quickly becomes one of the most coveted in the fleet!


  10. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Believe that when we see it!

    Wonder how many Ferrets we could have bought for 350k???
  11. And I am still disappointed that it hasn't retained its original name: Polecat! :lol:

  12. I'm sure they will have enough spares for 10 years. The problem will be some civvi accountant who sees that if you keep all the lightbulbs in one place, all the gearboxes in another, axles at a mass storage and the tyres at a small shed in Wales (St Athan? :p) everything's much cheaper and far easier to keep track of... just a bit of a problem when the bit you need is 500 miles away :p
  13. Have to agree with litotes here. Its the whole of life cost that has to be considered and obviously that is never going to be cheap. IMHO it is a big leap up from sending guys out in a L/R. And not before time.
  14. It's an Iveco, at best a 9 to 5 Monday to Friday truck, it spends the rest of the time in the workshop being repaired - at least its commercial cousins do !!! Of all the trucks in the world I would invest any money in, the very last would be an Iveco.
  15. No, Crabby, the problem will come when the next but one MGO decides that he has to save loads of money NOW and shuts down Donnington and sells off all the spares therein on Ebay without checking to see if the equipment is still in service. But he will have retired with a gong and will be working for the firm of consultants that completed the study before anyone realises.

    Cynical? Moi?